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  1. Maybe creating a new value for every terrain tile with the chances of grenade block. It should be relative to the soldier position, ie, if he throw a grenade 9 tiles away, the tile 5 (the half) would have the bigger chance to avoid the obstacle, since the grenade would reach the higher point in the middle of the trajectory. I know, from my own experience, when coding it always sounds easier to say it than doing it
  2. Yes, I'm not in the Military that why it has little sense for me... without any training I can throw a 4kg medicine ball a bit further away than that soldier
  3. I'm not sure if this is a bug or something to may be reworked, but definitively you should teach soldiers that they can trow grenades in a parabolic way. Take a look to attached picture. The grenade can be blocked by that tiny wall, but not by the car which is taller that the former. None of them should block the grenade... unless you pretend doing damage with the collision of the grenade ignoring the fact it will explodes Also, in my general opinion, the range tends to be short, and the general presition is low too.
  4. I wouldn't like too see godly mind-control aliens or soldiers (if this is easily modable, I will disable it). I'd like to see 'modular' aliens (like one riding another one), and when any of them is lost it has some effect.
  5. I'm not a bad person, but I hope my team die frecuently and I still may be able to beat the game. Winning (with some deaths) 70% of missions should be enough to beat the game, at least in normal difficulty. The other 30% of lost missions could be dissaster were you retreat or one or two soldiers survive.
  6. Indeed a short campaign can solve this QOL problem too. Also increasing the rate which UFO appears and increasing reparation, healing time and resources per mission while keeping everything else.
  7. With all due respect, I'm not here to discuss if you use the brain more than other people or you are older or prove anything. I'm doing this suggestion because I prefer spend my time in quality moments instead in lose countless hours in something that doesn't provide enough satisfaction. In War Thunder you don't lose your "campaign" (there isn't) if you lose a battle. In Xenonauts you do. That's why I ask for a shortest campaign being able to optionally autoresolve any unimaginative ground fight with some basic parameters. Any person which appreciate quality over quantity will understand this. Optional means you may do or not do it.
  8. With this option, Ground battles would be still be the main part of the game. You would play more quality and significant ground combats, instead lots of bland missions without other purpose that recollecting some materials. That's the only difference. And it would be optional, you may choose to play any combat you want, in the same way we currently do with air interception missions.
  9. Playing two/three 30-hours campaigns with less tactical combat, instead a long 80-hours one with lots of combats. That, and being more strategic, are the points! I love ground combat, that's why I supported the game, however I wish the campaign would had less interruptions. I don't know about you, but when I have already 40 hours in a campaign I start to cheat (loading / saving) because I don't want to lose all my progress or I am lazy to continue it with 'more of the same'. Ironman isn't the solution for me for a long campaign that you can lose in just one or two battles. Ironman is the solution for me for a short campaign, tho!. Airstrike is welcome, but doesn't risk your soldiers and it doesn't allow you to get some resources. Of course, special missions like capture an alien should always be played.
  10. Yes, sometimes I want to play only in the strategic layer, and others I prefer micromanage the combat. It was just a suggestion, and I think it would be a nice addition with some risks (your soldiers may die). The autoresolve may have even some sliders about how you would wish your soldiers behave, agressive level, try to retreat as soon you have X casualities, etc. The idea is you may still playing all the battles you want, in the same way we do with air combat now. Of course, the game should have a good strategic appeal to do this
  11. Yes, I know this may sounds like an heresy, since this game is built around tactical phase. But I'd love a DEPTH strategic worldmap and auto-solve button for ground combat that just say the battle summary depending on individual soldier stats/gear vs aliens ones. This would allow to play this game as a 'management' strategy game. I know that there is a safe airstrike button, but it's not the same! I didn't played too much yet to X2, I'm waiting for the final version, but here some suggestions for a strategic layer if they aren't already done: - Paint zones in the map where there are rumours from alien activity (you must send an interceptor to investigate or similar). - Some countries declares war to another (maybe because alien influence). Maybe one of them could request from you stop to support the other one. - Some countries may be against you and all the countries that supports you. - If you assist too much to one alliance (ie NATO) the other one may suspect you work for them. - Another organization is performing activities against aliens. And maybe better than you. Some countries could start funding it, so you will be soon in problems. - Being able to perform political influence on countries (break alliances, stop wars, start wars, increase funding, embargos, spy other countries, perform searchs in their territory for ufos or mutual enemies...) - Having cheap units that you may place in some areas to look for alien activity or any evidence of their intentions (spy). And one for the tactic layer: - Being able to play these missions where you are rescuing an engineer or scientis, etc.
  12. Some faces pictures have small glitches, due to armor / face paint preference. This happens, at least, in ARMORY tab. I don't know which faces have this problem, I was just testing a random game to see the progress in V10.
  13. Bad luck or balance need? In my ground combats it always happens the same. I move the first soldier to the closest cover I can see (see circled red soldier) and some allien react killing or hitting him. Since he was still alive, I tried saving him returning the fire, they were pretty close to the transport and I should have a lot of fire power. However, after moving a couple of soldiers they almost depleted their TUs, and I only could shot fast shots with a 20/50% accuracy (depending on the shot mode). In this moment I should have released a couple of smoke grenade and let them die since aliens seems to have a greater accuracy. But I tried to save them, after all, they were 10 soldiers vs 2 aliens, they should be able to hit at least twice each enemy. Result: 2 hits from 10 shots, alien were still alive. Next turn results: 4 soldiers die, one still wound. I wish I could walk a bit more to reach a cover and fire or get a bit close before firing... 4x-5x TUs soldiers seems pretty useless, and in my games, they won't survive the whole game to trust a team with 7x-8x TUs.
  14. The %TUs to shot seems more natural for me. It was not normal that one soldier were able to trigger the same weapon faster than others.
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