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    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    This is a very nice QoL feature.
  2. Some faces pictures have small glitches, due to armor / face paint preference. This happens, at least, in ARMORY tab. I don't know which faces have this problem, I was just testing a random game to see the progress in V10.
  3. Bad luck or balance need? In my ground combats it always happens the same. I move the first soldier to the closest cover I can see (see circled red soldier) and some allien react killing or hitting him. Since he was still alive, I tried saving him returning the fire, they were pretty close to the transport and I should have a lot of fire power. However, after moving a couple of soldiers they almost depleted their TUs, and I only could shot fast shots with a 20/50% accuracy (depending on the shot mode). In this moment I should have released a couple of smoke grenade and let them die since aliens seems to have a greater accuracy. But I tried to save them, after all, they were 10 soldiers vs 2 aliens, they should be able to hit at least twice each enemy. Result: 2 hits from 10 shots, alien were still alive. Next turn results: 4 soldiers die, one still wound. I wish I could walk a bit more to reach a cover and fire or get a bit close before firing... 4x-5x TUs soldiers seems pretty useless, and in my games, they won't survive the whole game to trust a team with 7x-8x TUs.
  4. The %TUs to shot seems more natural for me. It was not normal that one soldier were able to trigger the same weapon faster than others.
  5. Juan

    Mind war balance

    If at least you could see which soldier was going to be controlled due to a progressive lost of moral... then maybe it would be fun.
  6. Juan

    Mind war balance

    Mind control is the worst feature of any XCOM game saga, imho. It's just luck. And you cannot do nothing about it, no cover, no tactic, just luck. I don't like it at all, frustating and unrewarding experience. If I can, I will turn off it.
  7. I'm totally agree with the general idea in this thread... that was the biggest problem in X1
  8. I'm sure it's fantastic. Until now I tried using one of the F17 to bait the small UFO, and another one to look for UFO's back - it's a very fragile balance, any minor mistake and you lose the chance, because UFO seems to turn fast to the closest plane. Once I had some success with this tactic with the plane that was behind, but I hadn't enough firepower to make that UFO crash. I did somewhat 10-15 attempts last weekend and since I did not kill a single UFO I desisted atm while I'm doing a new run in X1CE classic. The ground combat, while tough, was more attainable.
  9. Thanks, I looked for it last weekend, but unfortunately that video have some problem with all my devices (PC / Android) and the video turn into a green screen. Weird! Anyway I'm doing another X1CE run to warm up, when I finish it I will play the fantastic X-Division!
  10. It happens the same with X1. These games (X1 and X2) have a high CPU/GPU usage, even when X1 is not "thinking" in its turn. I remember in my last run in X1CE one year ago with my old laptop (ASUS) that it was getting temperatures of 80º-85º while playing X1. With other games (FTL, Don't Starve... etc) I was getting 60-70ºC. I had a very warm winter while playing X1 <3 My new laptop (MSI) have similar problem when I compare X1CE and X2 with other similar TBS. X2 have a bigger impact than other similar games. Even more impact that other 3D-real time-role playing game. Maybe this happen because X1 was poorly coded and X2 is still a beta - but in case X2 have the same background coding with everything "enabled" in your code, please, consider shut down non-essencial threads or task while they aren't need. I know this request may sound simplistic for a complex code (I'm a long-term software dev too), but consider doing it if you have the chance. Edit: I'm not sure about the frame rate, but a frame rate limiter may be a cheap solution to avoid this problem in X2.
  11. I tried X-Division one time and only several hours, and my heart still beats hard when I remember the scene where I was approaching an UFO and few spider-ish unknow melee aliens opened the door and came to eat my soldiers. They were ambushing me. I decided played X-Division later anyway because the early air combat was too tough for me, and I didn't see a single video about how someone can win it. I still enjoy X1CE with only few mods already named here, like 120 degree view angle, blood, other with real faces, and other which isn't named here (and I dont remember it's name now) about ambience sounds. I also used lots of new music.
  12. About balance in just one sentence: I think the game could be won with rookies soldiers with all levels of difficulty, the ranks should be an extra only. This will prevent being a save / load addict, and enjoy the experience more, instead being stressed because you lost your two best man in a mission and you cannot win the game anymore. You should only lose because your are losing countries, or you are doing very bad in all missions.
  13. That was the #1 reason why I played X:CE instead vanilla! Thanks for noticing it! Edit: A picture for everyone that doesn't know what I'm talking about
  14. One of the things I loved from X1CE was the ability to select a soldier loadout from the soldiers list. I'd like to be able to see & choose the loadout in the Soldiers & Armory tab directly, without going to soldier profile. The reason is very simple: sometimes you have few soldiers with wounds or you lack some gear, and you need to force other soldier to other loadouts. In the soldier list, in the same way you do with training, since you see the stats, you may see better which one should go to which position. And when you hire a new soldier, you can see which role you are lacking easily. Going to each individual profile and change them is very tedious. Save us a lot of clicks with a simple combobox! It would be nice if you could see stats in the Armory tab too.
  15. Yes, maybe that's the problem, that there isn't any scaling. If you want to burst, you only can move few 2/3 tiles, in the fortunate case your soldier isn't crouched. I do not pretend change it to an action game, but come on, you should be able to shot twice and move few tiles, or move 7-8 tiles w/crouch and do a medium accuracy shot with any low level soldier. After all, usually, my high level soldiers do not last too much...