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  1. Hmm, for me the healing rate felt just about right in last few builds. If missions appear shortly after each other, I need some additional soldiers to rotate, but when there was a long gap between 2 waves, soldiers practically always healed back to 100% in the meantime.
  2. The .json files are savegames. You find them in the "Saves" folder next to the Logs folder. If he has a Mission_18_Ufo.json, that means he did save the game before the mission and named it "Mission_18_Ufo" in the save menu.
  3. I guess if it has any gameplay effect, it still needs to be implemented - however it indeed is a little strange to see the announcement still, since for some reason, Operations Director and chief scientist can not longer be seen in a fixed main base personell slot (like in previous builds). To explain - these 2 are special "story" characters that are around the whole time from the beginning - they are the fictional authors of the reports you read in the game.
  4. wulf 21

    Closed Beta V4.1 HotFix Ground Combat

    Don't know if this still helps at this point, but here is another occurence. Game locked up again after alien walked the path marked with arrow and then dropped unconscious. Of course, I don't know if I'm right with drop unconscious on same tile as shooting theory. But what can be seen in the logs again is that one animator started the dropunconscious animation. Then the same animator gets set into shooting state after that: 2019-04-23 21:27:57,924 [INFO] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.43.1\Assets\Code\Screens\GroundCombat\Systems\Rendering\AnimatorSystem.cs:223) Setting DropUnconscious on Animator for 4709 to True ...... 2019-04-23 21:27:58,089 [INFO] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.43.1\Assets\Code\Libraries\Artitas\Artitas.Core\Code\World.cs:681) Handled global::Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Events.AnimatorTriggerCommand: Actor: 4709, Trigger: ShootingState, Active: True, Sticky: True Attached: output.zip Screenshot:
  5. It was easier reproducable than thorught first, because there is not even needed the UFO. Looks like trying to lob a H.E.V.Y. grenade onto any roof (like in screenshot) will have this effect:
  6. I just tried something out I never tried before and promptly found an interesting way to lock the game. Will check if it's reproducable, but most likely, I think it should be. What I did was: after I completely failed to blow holes in the side of the UFO (don't know if that is wall desctruction logic issue mentioned in other thread, or walls are just too tough against H.E.V.Y. grenades now), I tried if I can blow a hole in the UFO roof, so my sniper could shoot in there from above. The firing path can be seen in screenshot. The immediate result was: Shooting animation played back, I heard the firing sound of the H.E.V.Y. launcher, but the grenade never impacted and there was neither a visible explosion, nor an explosion sound. After that Game was locked up: User Interface was still functional, so I could select other soldiers, try to issue commands and even quit out of the game normally via menu, without need to Alt+F4 However, the soldier with the H.E.V.Y. would not actually do any command - like the game is waiting for impact of the projectile before allowing that it was still possible to move the other soldiers around as long as enough TU are left However, the other soldiers would not do commands like Shoot or open door. It was no longer possible to end the current locked-up turn, like the game completely ignores the end turn button - probably again this is only possible if all fired projectiles did hit I did grab the logfile before quitting the game (you see the H.E.V.Y. firing command and some not successful movement orders in there). Here it is: output.zip Screenshot:
  7. Just found out that it is reproducable with the save from before the ground mission (just load it and start crashsite mission). Wonder why that is. Was there some reproducibilty-enhancing change like setting all map parameters already on the mission in Geoscape, so it will now always start exactly same map? Or maybe it's just that the game just has exactly one probe desert map? Anyway, here's the save: 1st crashsite.json
  8. No problem. I added some arrows and text on the screenshots, and I hope they make clear what I mean. Additinally added a "compass" that explains which directions I referred to as "up", "right" and "upper right" in the text. It was somehow clear in my head when I was writing it, but in hindsight, of course everyone who sees an agled view can have different intuition about naming the directions on the view. Edit: Again to make it clear: I did not acutally see the reaction fire animation, only blood pool appeared during alien turn. I just concluded that it must be reaction fire of the marked soldier because noone else viewed the direction.
  9. Thanks for the info. I indeed never built second workshop, yet, since V4 and kind of jumped to the conclusion that the numbers are not working at all. Still strange that the initial slots from beginning of the game are not counted...
  10. Found some more wrong numbers on some screens (additional to the infamous TU on soldiers screen): On Research Screen it always says "Laboratory Scientists: 0/0", no matter what the real numbers are (Screenshot 1) likewise, on engineersing screen, there is always displayed "Workshot Engineers: 0/0", "Alenium: 0" and "Alloys: 0", no matter what the real numbers are (Screenshot 2) on Storage Screen, items display value "0$" (Screenshot 3) until the "move to sell" arrow is clicked 1 time for the item. After that, the correct value is displayed (Screenshot 4). The correct number then stays (even when switching to other screens and back) Edit: As oldgator 6 said, only the personell of the inital buildings is not counted. Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: Screenshot 3: Screenshot 4:
  11. Regarding the aircraft just with cannons: They had missiles from the start in previous builds. However it kind of makes sense that you need to research them first, assuming backgound fiction says that the UFOs cannot be tracked by standard thermal or radar seeking missiles and a new tracking technology specifically for UFOs needs to be developed first. (Or as we have UFO tracking radars from the start, maybe the new technology needs to be miniaturized first to fit in a warhead). As Chris said somewhere - they try out what works and is fun first. And pretty much everything they design into game can be then explained with some detail in the background fiction after that.
  12. I've already seen this in previous versions but never found a reliable way to reproduce. Additionally I was never quite sure if it just was a camera perspective thing. But now I have an occurence that convinced me, this is really happening. Note: Was really V4 from before the hotfix and didn't get around to report it, yet , but I assume the Hotfix changed nothing about it. What you see in the first screenshot is that there is a xenonaut in the upper right facing to the gap in the trees. But the view cone in the fo of war looks like he is facing to the upper right. Some alien blood appeared there during alien turn (fog in the gap between the trees). On second screenshot, taken after turning the xenonaut 45 degrees more, it can be seen that there really is standing an alien in the blood pool. EDIT: Just to avoid confusion: I am talking about the alien that is behind the trees from the perspective of second screenshot (because there is a dead alien with blood in the Screenshots, too. This is not the one I mean!). So the game logic correctly decided that the Xenonaut could see the alien and did reaction fire (and hit). However the fog of war/visibility calculations determined somehow that he was facing 45 degrees away from the gap in the trees. As already said, found no way to reproduce reliably. The only thing I am pretty sure is that it can happen if a soldiers last action before ending the turn before was using right-click to change the viewing direction of the soldier.
  13. There was some time ago mentioned somewhere that we should report bright purple textures as they are a "missing texture" replacement. Well I've found 2: (note: It actually was V4 but didn't get around to report it. I assume hotfix changed nothing about that). The movement path texture for "turn 45 degree left and start climb" seems to be missing: Some ground texture in the corner of the same jungle map:
  14. A stray shot hit the outside wall of the UFO and it looked like destroyed, so I expected to walk in there, but I couldn't. After turning camera around, I saw why: The inside part of the UFO wall actually was not destroyed but it was completely transparant from outside. I guess it's a feature that UFO walls can be half destroyed. However in this case, it is necessary that both parts of the wall actually do have a texture facing to the middle of the wall that becomes visible after destroying the other part.
  15. Hello, just had a ground mission against Psons. It was a shot down probe UFO. Before starting the mission it showed Probe UFO, Desert Terrain and "5 Unknown" (Psyon Soldiers) + "3 Unkown" (Psyon engineers). Here is the savefile: 1st crashsite.json However I searched whole map and found no aliens. Then I opened the UFO door and half expected to find all 8 inside but there were only 3 inside. I suppose that this specific map is completely missing the alien spawn points outside the UFO. I hope the screenshots are enough to identify the map (It is the one where you can soo a bit sign pointing to diner+gas station right at the beginning near the heli landing spot)