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  1. That the number of soldiers available for hire is limited is probably not a bug - you get a new selection of soldiers availabe for hire each month. And if you hire them all, you have to wait for next month to get new ones. But after reading your post, I am not entirely sure what you mean by "after all your soldiers die": Do you mean A) you hired all soldiers availabe and got killed all of them within a month (about 20-something soldiers in total). Not sure how you achieved this but in this case - just fast forward until next month (after financial report appears). You will get more soldiers for hire. or B) you had soldiers for hire before the mission and did not hire them all. You have got only your 8 current soldiers killed. After they were killed, the list of soldiers available to hire was empty (was not empty before). ? As I said, A) is probably not a bug, but if it happened like B) then it might be a bug.
  2. It was part of the kickstarter campaign that people who backed some amount were able to submit a soldier with name, portrait and nationality that would get into the game (for everyone). Wether or not it is intended that you can mod a soldier portrait into your own game later, I don't know.
  3. Can be seen in screenshot, the soldier (it's just a concidence that it's Chris ) has 104 HP and the UI adds some line break in the number:
  4. I actually managed to reproduce it in version 5.1. Actually it seems to be yet another thing that is related to the ground combat save system. (I might have saved/loaded the game at some point during the occurence in original post) Here are the steps: load the gc save: smoke_test.zip (It contains one gas cloud and a fire is burning somewhere on the map) throw a second gas grenade and then smoke, so the 3 of them overlap. Result should look about as in first screenshot Press F5 Press F9 Result: The smoked area suddenly looks like it is on fire and the second gassed area looks like it contains smoke and fire, too. And it is blinking what is in foreground (last 2 screenshots)
  5. While I get the idea to assign a low accuracy soldier a sniper loadout so the bonus compensates, I am not entirely sure if this really is the best option in X2 currently. Because I found a high accuracy sniper can do things no other soldier can do, what is: get off 2 100% hit chance shots with the lower accuracy/low TU aim mode in one turn with the scoped mode, have 100% hit chance on an enemy behind an obstacle - which is especially useful if the obstacle happens to be another xenonaut that unexpectedly did not manage to kill the enemy and is now out of TU
  6. I think, there is noone who disagrees here, even the devs already admitted that they did not get around implementing grenades properly: Don't know in which build it is currently planned to be sorted out though.
  7. I remebered that we already had a discussion like this. I am linking it here. I think one thing Chris mentioned they could do in one post in this thread (ie. Optionally assign a specific role to soldier in addition to the slot and when assigning a soldier to a slot that does not fit his role the game asking what role the slot should have) come pretty close to what you suggested in your last paragraph
  8. So much fun speculation when probably an admin could just come by and tell us exactly .
  9. I think this is really unlikely because the forum software has absolutely no way of knowing who is a kickstarter backer and who isn't. These are 2 totally separate accounts and not linked in any way. And you can see below your user name that you just are in the user Group "Members" like everyone else. Squaddie and Sergeant seem to be totally default ranks here that everone can have. The only "special" ranks in these forums seem to be from members of the development team and Admins/moderators. Totally agree. A 1-liner in this logic has the same effect as some detailed thoughts or bug report with detailed info and reproduction steps. If I am right, even a simple button click is counted the same, so rank would simply be an expression of the total number of actions done in these forums, nothing else.
  10. I can only assume that the reactions given (the buttons below other's posts in the lower right corner) count like posts, too. For Example I can see in Kaiphus_Kains Profile, that he was using these buttons more than 90 times now. So 30 posts + 90 reactions is > 100, which probably is the requirement for "Squaddie" (and 200 for "Sergeant"). You did not use these buttons at all (and I only used them a few times). If I am right, then it will probably just take a 5 more posts or reactions from you to reach the next rank (Emily_F would have a little longer way to go still.)
  11. does probably depend on your number of posts and maybe reactions of others to these posts.
  12. No, you didn't. That's why there is this big thread out there where people complained how the air combat in X1 was so much better and the developers said multiple times, that it is far from final and they do agree that the current version of it is not much fun, yet.
  13. Then, why should anyone play the aircombat minigame if the outcome is completely clear before? X1 displayed a probability of winning, but this did not necessarily mean that you would win without major damage or even one of the interceptors being shot down. On the other hand loosing would not always be because complete loss of interceptors, but because you could not damage the UFO enought to win. Maybe it would be possible to display some addional info instead of just this one probability. E.g. probability that the UFO will escape because you did not damage it enough with the availiable weapons, probability to loose an interceptor or that it will take >50% damage etc. So 2 or 3 more numbers that allow a somewhat more informed decision if autoresolve can be used safely or to play the minigame to achieve a somewhat better outcome.
  14. I just recently (I think after V5 release) started seeing such crashes. They seem to be pretty low level stuff and not tied directly to the game logic. I can't tell something specific that I did before all of these these crashes, either. Only the last time it crashed directly after loading back to Geoscape from Ground combat. It automatically brings up the GOG galaxy crash reporting tool, too, so I am not even entirely sure wether this is Xenonaut2s fault or maybe something GOG has changed with their in-game overlay etc. Or maybe since it first appeared after V5, did you maybe change to a different version of the Unity engine between V4 and V5? I attached the output.zip from the last time the crash happened. The crash report folder mentioned by the "Oops!" message is too big to upload to forum. I uploaded a zipfile containing all 4 of these crashes that happened so far to mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0aqg983skp33gch/crashes.zip/file
  15. The areas to drag items to do still exist in the inventory menu (the belt and the primary/secondary weapon slot). Actually, this window is pretty similar to what it was in X1. However you can access every action you can do directly via a button without submenuing now (for example every grenade type that can be thrown right now has directly a button on the front end without the small grenade type submenu from X1). These buttons only get created from the primary/secondary weapon slot and belt slots. That is different from X1 where you could directly throw a grenade from backpack without dragging it to belt first or reload directly from backpack. I think using an item from backpack added some extra TU cost in X1 but other than than that the belt and backpack were not very distinct at all. Players therfor often basically treated the backpack and belt the same, I even saw an ironman insane playthrough on youtube where I kept wondering why the heck he puts everything in backpack without fully using all belt slots first. This is now much clearer. The other main difference to X1: In X1 the concept of primary/secondary weapon was basically identical to left/right hand of the soldier. So a 2-handed weapon would occupy both slots and you needed always to submenu to change the weapon. This was even necessary for medpacks. The only time when there was a primary and secondary weapon different was shield if there was one hand + pistol in the other hand. In X2 the concept is changed, so you can have for example a sniper as primary + SMG as secondary, both 2-handed weapons. Or a medpack or C4 as secondary. So, no more going to inventory window in these cases, but just directly use the secondary weapon.
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