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    Need Help with Research Glitch

    @TornadoADV 1. Open the relevant researches.xml 2. change the requirements of the final research to "Items.Alienalloys". Save. 3. Sell 1 alloy. Save the game. 4. Revert the research changes.
  2. Charon

    TUs are too limiting!

    This kinda contradicts why TU% were introduced in X1 in the first place. If Chris has doubts about TU% he could ask the community, but i think this should get fixed as soon as possible, since the feedback of the people build upon such basic things.
  3. Charon

    TUs are too limiting!

    No, i think the whole problem boils down to the fact that reasonable TU% havent been implemented yet. I dont think anybody would discuss a 63 TU% burst for rifles as reasonable, nor 30 TU% for a snap. I utterly agree.
  4. Charon

    TUs are too limiting!

    1. You are highlighting the hp, not the TU. 2. 47 TU is VERY low TU. 3. You are running through gras. Now the visual of the grass isnt THAT impressive, but they are the equivalent of Vietnam Soldiers wading through gras. That slows down. 4. A maxed soldier can have 100 TU. Whether or not you find it believeable that a trained soldier can run more than twice as fast as a rookie is a different topic. That is how the terrain looks for the soldiers: This implies that the aliens get faster and shot more accurate too ... hm ... As a result you want an action paced game with effectively smaller maps, where the first to shoot wins, and missions are over faster ... hm ... I think this would move away from the simulation aspect, and more into the action genre. Edit: but 30/47= 63% for one burst seems a bit exorbitant. And that is a Rifle, not an HMG. Burst shots should be inbetween snap and steady shoots, so inbetween 14 to 20 TU. Maybe the problem lies in the Weapon modes ?
  5. Charon

    UFO design

    Sure, my post undermined the immense difficulties of working in 3d, of which i know nothing about. You are completely right on that. Want me to make a proof of concept ?
  6. Charon

    UFO design

    Im sorry but i have to speak up for the truth. It is not only possible to make make any part in the late X1 system destructible, but also easily so. Option 1. Make predefined holes. This is the easiest example and looks kinda like this: Option 2: You can cut unique UFO art into a per-tile basis. This would require a manual, human eye to define where the art overlaps with which tiles. Then you can piece the art together in the submap editor. In the end this means you can make and define each and every tile to have an undamaged, damaged with hole, or completely blasted away state. This is a very work intensive option, but still only a question of manhours. All of that is so easily achievable that i can already do that in the X1 editor. Give me 2 additional men and 50 manhours and i will make all vanilla UFOs with predefined breach points. Give me 3 men and 300 manhours and i will make every single tile of every vanilla UFO breachable. The only issue i see with this is that when you hover over a UFOhull part only single parts are getting transparent and/or highlighted. This would need some hardcoded support to define UFOhull(s) as one part with a IF(UFOhull part gets highlighted,highlight connected UFOhull part, Nothing), otherwise parts highlighted look a bit "blocky". Im not desputing that the UFO art in X2 is final, and i am fond of completely destructible environments. Just pointing out that a hybrid approach is totally feasible, if decided on early enough. I realise its too late in the development to make a hybrid approach, but if the X2 editor is as powerful as the X1 one, and publicly available, modders can just make unique UFOs themself. Keep it up Chris
  7. If you wouldnt have written that statement, i would have ><.
  8. Charon

    AI "cheats"

    (1) In X1 aliens cant see through walls. They can however "hear" you, up to 8 to 10 tiles. I think this function was too strong in X1, and should be reduced in its effects as well as "walls" dampening the range of it. If you want to put the human on equal footing maybe implement sound based on distance and action type ( similiar to the aliens ). (3) In X1 aliens cant fire at what they cant see. Remember they have squad sight though, just like you. One of the side effects of the more stronger coding in X1 let aliens throw grenades on bunched up soldiers - whether they had vision or not. This could be addressed so that that function needs the visual component first, in order to prevent "blind grenades". (2) All main races had equal sight range in the vanilla game, harridans and wraiths had one more, and reapers had two more tiles of sight range. Not really "the world".
  9. Edit: Looks like you fixed that in the latest version, everything appears as it should. Good job.
  10. Strings are still spaghetti: You could save 500 mb by making a soldier_spectre instead of shipping all the images. In fact, all the soldier_spectre are already in place, you just need to delete everything else but the spectre. armour.basic\weapon.forceshield.makarov doesnt have code. Once you have done that you can have a single 15 mb file for every setup.
  11. Interesting to see another mod as cleanly coded as X-Division. Hats off for that. The equipment tooltips dont have a good to look at format, but one. maybe recode the strings ? You could write [X-Division 1.00.10] into the title to indicate it is compatible with it. I have run a compability check and it looks there are some X-Division dependencies which cant be erased, which is why it propably won´t work 100% for non X-Division setups. mod priority needs to be above the X-Division main.
  12. Hm .. never thought i would be accused of trying to make things too easy. The internet is a wide place. Why cant i send triple dropships to a single crashsite in X1 ? Or rather 10 ? 10 dropships with 8 soldiers each makes 80 soldiers vs 6 aliens. In my book that would guarantee the likelyhood of success. Seems like a good move to me. Im just trying to point out that applying logic to video games does not work out very well. A main unattackable base would go well together with the proposed global personal/storage/whatever and the teleporter setting. In this paragraph i would like to point out that teleportation and dropships are fundamentally the same mechanic. Whether a dropship takes 2 hours to get to a crashsite, or a teleporter needs 2 hours to zero in on the crashsite coordinance is gameplaywise the same thing. You can even add UFOs which jamm the teleporter in an radius around it to prevent taking on a crashsite before the UFO is taken out. This would be the fighter shooting down dropship equivalent. Everything has a solution. I dont mind dropships nor teleporting. You can make the same mechanics for both of them. Faster dropships ? Just manufacture an upgrade module to faster zero in on the crashsites coordinance ( for a single connection ). Increase troop size ? Just manufacture a higher energy module. It basically really is the same thing. You just have to be creative. Only at one point in development you have to decide whether you go with a teleporter setting, or a dropship setting. MECHANICALLY you can realise the same mechanics for both of them. My 3k+ hours of Xenonauts and X-Division + the one thousand hours of various other youtubers agree on the following points below. It is not viable to have more than one production base. Since items are automatically transfered to the base the dropship starts from, and you usually have your main team in your main base + shot down interceptor items are automatically recovered to the first base you put down the game doesnt incentivise you to have have more than one production base - having a global item storage which items get transfered to and from would solve that and motivate the player to experiment with more setups. Getting your second/third/fourth strike team up and running is mostly a chore. And just a a candy bonus ontop - having a global pool of soldiers to choose from would mean you could build a deeper, more complex rooster of soldiers instead of saying all the time "Oh, I really would like to send soldier X on this mission. Too bad he is in another base." Base attacks were arguably the least fun part of the game. Read about it here: https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13414-165xce-v0350-x-division-100-beta/&do=findComment&comment=173187 having a global defensive system would make the whole thing a more fun, approachable situation, where you take on the surviving aliens after the batteries (?) reduced the numbers. Having the option to pull out would mean these kind of missions could become a well integrated part of the game, instead of either people never actually seeing a base attack because the whole threat is too weak, or base attacks killing every campaign. I think these points represent clear improvements after this guideline: --- Now after everything is said and done, i dont fundamentally disagree with your overall assessment @TrashMan. If you remove complexity and micromanagement in one place to clearly improve the game, you also have to add it in again somewhere else. Especially base locations, relationship influence on boni, specialists working in countries, and other forms of min-maxing could replace the lost micro and macro management of the feeling of leading a global organisation. During the development of Starcraft 2 a lot of people were worried that they made the game too easy. Playing Starcraft 1 on basically ANY level is quite difficult. Now people were worried that they removed too many physically hard to execute gameplay elements to sacrifice them for the accessibility of the game. What Blizzard then did was to remove certain hard to execute mechanics from Starcraft 1, and replaced it with different hard to execute mechanics. Starcraft 2 allows one control group to contain up to 500 units, from the original 12 max, made it possible for buildings to have rally points instead of having to manually assign every drone to every mineral patch EVERY TIME you made a drone, being able to select multiple buildings at a time instead of only one, no longer having to babysit the pathing of your units, no longer having to individually select spell casters if you want to have any reasonable control over them, shift-queueing commands and friendly units moving out of the way if a worker wants to build a building. To compensate for that they added injections, chrono boosts, mules, army- moves-as-is, and many other micro management intensive mechanics. Now saying that no longer being able to move an item from one base to another removes micro management from X2 is as reasonable as saying Starcraft 2 no longer requires any skill to play. It just matters where you sneak in the the removed macro and micro management again .
  13. I have been reading everything and i think these features would form the best game: YES - to a single main unattackable base. This would house ALL personell, including soldiers, scientist, engineers and other possible specialists. This base will be mainly responsible for power management and other, global upgrades. YES - to multiple (possibly infinite ) secondary bases which house radars, hangars, laboratories, workshops, possible generators, and all other, "real" tangible buildings. These are attackable bases and aliens can and will be able to attack them. Making them small, operatable bases with interesting building layouts, eg. being able to place corrdidors, and defensive structures in addition to the main buildings will make for more interesting decisions. Secondary bases are essential if you want to get any research, manufacture or other project done. It houses hangars for the aircraft which are essential to shoot down UFOs, and the planes have real range limitations ( at first - similar to X1 ). Since they are small players should be expected to place at least 2 - 3 right at the start, maybe make one science and one engineering base preloaded for the player to place at the start of the game. YES - to location specific boni/mali for secondary bases. One country can give a scienc bonus, and an aircraft range mali. YES - to boni for specialised bases, eg. building 2 workshops beside each other grants a +10% work efficiency and total work space - for each additional workshop. When scientist/engineers/specialists are working in a secondary base they are physically transfered there. This means the omnipotent teleporter array will have to leave a port open to that specific base - which consumes energy. Energy is mainly transfered from the main base, but smaller generators can be build in that specific base to relieve some of the stress, but only in that local base. The open port can only be filled with energy from the main base. More about that in the image below. If a base gets attacked, you will get asked whether or not you want to send in a team to defend your secondary base. YES - to global personal and storage. The main point of having more than 1 dropship is to have a bigger gang roaming around. X1 had the problem with your rooster actually being distributed over physical bases, which led to a lot of micromanagement, but having a single main base housing all your soldiers, and sending one team to defend a base, while having another one doing a small crashsite is not different from having 2 dropships - just with the added bonus of easier management, global soldier selection, item management, and equipment screen. YES - to possibly infinite dropships, or rather open teleporter arrays. Each open teleporter spot requires energy, and needs to be open as long as the ground combat is out there and fighting. So if you want to send out another team through the teleporter ( and also guarantee a way back in case of abortion ), you will need to pay the additional energy for each and every team. To avoid exploitation of the system, rerouting power can take between 24 - 48 hours ( so you cant just quickly power down something else to get a triple team ). And dont give me that "But why cant we send another team to the same mission ?" crap. X1 didnt allow for 2 chinooks to land in the same mission, and there wasnt an explanation for that either. Here is an original idea: I would like for ground combat missions to take up actual time. So lets say every turn is 10 minutes on the geoscape. You play for 12 turns and the mission takes up 2 hours. Once its finished you get teleported back to "when the mission started" and the geoscape will have an icon with "Team A fighting Crashsite - 3". You can resume normally, while already knowing the result of the fight. In this time you can potentially take on another mission, as long as your teleporter has enough energy. This idea would include the ground combat mission day - night state to change accordingly to the real geoscape time, eg. you can start fighting during the day, and after some time it starts to dusk. Now to the side/top view issue. In this setup i wouldnt mind it running either way. If you have confidence in your engine providing a good vertical firefight than make everything a side view. If you are not, than keep the fight horizontally and make the secondary bases with a top down view. The main base can be a side view, it looks quite good that way.
  14. It means that im off-line for all intends and purposes. Good luck with the accuracy video, i hope that many more videos follow.
  15. Final UNOFFICIAL updated X-Division 1.00.10 Notes: X-Divison has gone the step to replace vanilla files. There has been an original file added for every replaced one in case you want to deinstall the mod. In case of doubt make a reinstall of the game or verify game integrity through steam. You only need to download and install the latest Patch avaialble, it contains all prior fixes as well. The .01 to .10 patch is NOT savegame compatible. If you want to make it savegame compatible you need to make a backup of your researches.xml, run the installer, and immediately copy your backup over the new file again. You will miss out on the fixed researches but you can continue the campaign. As a basic rule, never patch during Ground Combat Installation: The Base for this patch has to be version 1.00.00 or higher. This update is not available for versions lower than 1.00.00 . Download the X-Division 1.00.10 Update: https://mega.nz/#!dQQwCQRC!gzlksCzX9l91PAJfViyyAyXzd_VN0weUL1X5GZmeuvU Link ( MD5: f82bbe1f12c7e97a7b86c7ec3de19e11 ) Deactivate your ANTIVIRUS/UAC program(s), it can intervene with the installation. As soon as the installation finishes you can activate it again. Start the executable provided in the file. Follow the instruction of the installer After you have used the installer there is no need to change ANYTHING anymore, everything has been taken care of, including scripts, modloader priority, and everything else you may think of. The only time you might want to change something is if you are activating/deactivating No Airgame or change the soldier models. Enjoy . Changelog: Dunno, i changed a lot. These are the things i can remember: Fixed some bugs around the Roborex Roborex explosion on death no longer causes overdamage Roborex explosion radius decreased from 6 to 4.5 Halfed kinetic armour for semi-shield roboreaper. Their weak point should now be weaker Halfed energy armour for melee roboreapers. Their weak point should now be weaker added mitigation to human stun gas added one loading tip improved the AI of Drones a bit most importantly added X-Divison Palu's Shining Xenopedia to the game 7 new categories for the soldier equipment screen I think i also added the latest Monument IV map by Svinedrengen to the map pool new mod: Nerf The AI: The aliens have less sightrange, deal 20% less damage and have 10% lower stats. new mod: X-Divison Don't Die On Me ! :If your soldier doesnt blow up, takes a minigun point blank or gets left behind he WILL survive the mission. new mod: X-Divison Easy Airgame: Did you ever wanted to try out the manual combat but were put off by the difficulty ? Look no further, this is what you need. UFOs have 50% less hp, while your aircraft are 20% faster and have a 20% further range. Additionally the refuel, rearm, repair and recovery rate are 30% faster. Only TOGGLE this during a Geoscape save. The Xenopedia page doesnt correctly display UFO hp values with this. Its 37.5% for the lowest difficulty and 50% for all other difficulties of the displayed hp values. new mod: X-Divison Slower Invasion: The Invasion escalates 25% slower new mod: Empower Facehuggers: This will improve the AI of facehuggers, but as a side effect they will also be able to attack vehicles. Ofcourse this is not intended gameplay which is why it isnt in the base version. If you want to give facehuggers their intelligence back while having to drive your vehicles cautiously around this is for you. appended unobtainable andron terror unit loot to appropriate robodog/roboreaper units new feature: AP Damage: MAIM/SHOCK damage that reduces TUs for the next turn. revised Shock and Electron weaponry fixed the installer with the help of @Mr. Mister Increased frag grenade damage from 50 to 70 Increased frag rocket damage from 90 to 110 EMP charges and rockets no longer cause overdamage Shock rockets no longer cause overdamage Soldier Equipment Screen gained a Soldier Sort button decreased Endgame research time in accordance with the latest diminishing returns formula Removed shields from some harridans, increasing hp threshold of mentioned ones, fixed one reflex stat revised the sonic weapons ammo weight added the stun gas mitigation values towards the stun damage, as mitigation never worked for gases increased the acceleration for the archelon from 500 to 1000 increased the range of the shockgun from 2 to 3 decreased TU% for Praetorian attacks from around 30 to 20 TU% fixed even more bugs I consider it safe to use, but it obviously hasnt seen the same amount of testing like prior versions.
  16. This has been long overdue, but with this i finally announce my Retirement from the X-Division project. It has been a fun 3+ years journey with all of you. Thank you for all the feedback, and appreciation you gave me. It has been worth it. Charon I think it would be unfair to not give all the people who have been hard working on the unoffical version 1.00.10 their share in the spotlight, and i will therefore make the unofficial version publicly available in the OP, as well as announce it on reddit. A lot of work went into it, including all the new mods which tries to give the game a better flavour, and most importantly of all, a finished Xenopedia. See ya.
  17. @PALU I saw that you got the Enforcerer. Were you able to unlock it without fiddling with the files, and it is therefore safe to assume the research code works as intended ?
  18. Well, im not saying that the Age of recruitable soldiers and their background still fits into the Lore of X-Division, but that would just be another thing to revise. But it is minor, and bigger problems come first on the list, which is the perception of hiring elites. If you want, you can then also revise the Age and Background Information to a more darker tone. Btw, i never got the memo about hiring elites, where does that actually come from ? And i also dont get your part about drugs and mechanical enhancements being unbelievable. When you are talking about doping in real life than you are talking about a very controlled environment. People who dope have months to prepare and get used to the drug and their effects with it. People dont randomely compete and take an unknown drug 5 minutes before the performance. Unfortunately X-Division doesnt have that time, normal dopers have months to prepare, you have a single month to get your soldiers asses up to a terror site. Thuse i dont think it is unbelievable at all for gradual testing and experimentation with small amounts of drugs, especially if you mix in the possibility of alenium enhancements. I rather think along the lines of Spartan 2 Program. But in a more gradual manner, and with gradual access and risks. You dont want to kill your soldiers, but you want the better performance. Now if somebody trains up their soldier to max accuracy in a single mission than thats unbelieavable, but any system can be exploited. And this is not about an excuse for a system, it is just the real backstory. I think stats up to 100 are more or less still humanely normally reachable. But if stats go beyond 100 than it starts to get obvious that they enhance their abilities with that little something extra. The maxed stats are also easily explained through the risk/reward of continuing to modify your soldiers versus the risk of a failure. At one point the soldier is just useable enough that any further modification has a bigger risk than just reaping the benefits of the modifications which are already done. Small mechanical implants explain themselfes. Ofcourse there are no visible effects on the soldiers, the game isnt age restricted.
  19. @PALU Following this post and the high frequency at which it is stated that the recruits are highly trained elites, and the best of the best ( they arent ), i would like to ask if we can get it somewhere across that your recruits are not the best of the best, but simply rookies ? We are a shady organisation and recruit soldiers all across the world. Mostly people who have been unhonorably discharged, are unhappy with their employer, or have other shortcomings which makes them hard to integrate in a normal organisation. Sometimes we also get highly valuable personal, but that aside the style that we recruit in is mostly this: Also something i would rather leave in the dark, but is also something that frequently comes up. How can the trainable maximum stats be so high ? The answer is simple but since children play this game its hardly incorporated. Behind the scenes there is an abundance of drug abuse and mechanical implants going on. Most soldiers start out pretty normal, but as time goes and and with the motivation of actual missions on their back soldiers get more and more motivated to get stronger, faster, and more accurate - through any means possible. Having an augmented joint might not be the prettiest sight but it hardly matters to a corpse. Depending on the mission a soldier can get more motivated than in other missions ( depeding on useage ) and existing drug doses are getting refined as well as more experienced gained on how to use the mechanical replacements. This gets hinted at already with the introduction of the psionic blocking armour, the wolf armour, but you can also see it how the armour design more and more conjures the images of the soldiers. At the end of the game you rarely see a face anymore. Prostheses are getting better as shown on the soldier equipment screen later in the game, among non explicitely stated clues. If you still want to write some stuff you can incorporate this to your liking. But go a bit easy on the drug abuse side. This is highly unoffical inside of the Organisation of X-Division.
  20. Solver implemented it, and it never got tested. But it should work except that software never really works.
  21. @PALU It produces the Corvette
  22. There is only a for missing. And Dagar is simply stating the discrepancy of high end intellectual programmers who really know they will use all of the detailed functionality of the program and the inevitable sacrifices on the altar of accessibility for the end users who cant differentiate between a bit and a byte. His words also express sympathy towards Chris and the valiant effort he has to make to let his ingenius programmers think on how to make the modding part of the game as open as possible, and the effort which is connected with that. Dagar also implies that at one point in his life he worked on an editor for TES: Morrowind, and that he knows what it means to work on an editor for a game program. His words were not addressed to you in the slightest. Looks like plain english to me, not sure how anybody would have problems understanding it.
  23. Ok so i ran a few tests on the save. First things first, 71% means 71% of hp remaining. So if the infiltrator was undamaged before the landing, and i confirmed it was, the batteries did 29% dmg. Which they did not, is the conclusion i came to. Another test did around 19000 damage from the batteries, at which point the percent dropped from 71% to 70%. If i would do the math i would come to the conclusion that the game really thinks the infiltrator has 480k hp ( 1% is 4800 ). So basically here is what happened: The game spawns the infiltrator with 0% > right before the landing they deduct hp equivalent of 25% > then the batterie(s) roll their damage ontop of it. A few things to note: this kind of information seems to be present in the savegame, as Palu and I come to the same procedure even though we have different PCs. the battery hit is PREDERTIMENT, which means no matter how often you load the save, the battery will always hit. This kind of information also has to be present in the save game, otherwise we wouldnt have the same result on 2 pcs. Usually this SHOULDNT happen, a 50% hit chance means it should fail 50% of the time. Damage of batteries get randomised. A few things to note in general: hits of batteries seem to get randomised. Confirmed on a different save after an infiltrator has spawned. This is contrary to the above conclusion of the predertimed hit from the Palu save. I set up a new game at 1400 ATP and a single particle turret. It was weird. The first test i ran has 76% damage remaining, with the same invisible deduction of hp. But every other test after that ran as expected. That is it didnt invisibly deduct any kind of hp between landing and firing of the batteries, and particle turrets did around 3.3% damage. I would say whatever was at work here had to warm itself up on a few calculations before it was ready to spew out the correct ones. I cant see how i can fix that, and i think these things were simply a bad seed of the program. I would leave it at that.
  24. @PALU Why dont you just try it out in the editor ? I also changed the Destroyer and other weapons. weapons_gc.xml