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  1. I guess I'll have to do further testing, though the inherently chaotic nature of battles makes controlled testing somewhat difficult. However, I'm not sure how likely I find that explanation, since as far as I can tell my soldiers regularly gain reflexes even if they gave reaction fire only once. Plus, as the line that Sergeant quoted earlier indicates, the pointsToProgress for Reflexes is 1, which means that even one event should be sufficient to trigger an increase in soldier stats.
  2. I just tested it, and my soldiers who got reaction fired at by aliens did not gain any reflexes, so I guess that's not how the game works after all. Oh well, since the situations where soldiers gain reflexes are confirmed not to be modable, I guess I'll just mod it so reaction firing on an enemy increases soldier's reflexes faster.
  3. AFAIK gaining reflexes when you take reaction fire isn't in vanilla, only when you make a check to see if you'll reaction fire on an enemy. Also, could you tell me which file it is you quoted that line from? Oh okay, I didn't know that! I just started running CE, so I'll have to pay attention the next mission I play to see if my soldiers who took reaction fire gained reflexes. I only skimmed the changelogs, so I probably missed that change. Thanks!
  4. Hey y'all, I just started getting into Xenonauts mods after playing the base game once or twice (I'm late to the party, I know) The thing is, I'm not a huge fan of how soldiers only gain reflexes from making reaction shots. I find that it tends to push me to use purposefully weird/unnatural strategies to level up my troop's reflexes, which I find kind of immersion-breaking. So seeing as reflexes also determines when troops take reaction fire from enemies, I thought it might make sense for them to also gain reflexes when they take reaction fire too. (Especially since, as someone with a more aggressive play style, I tend to take reaction fire much more often than I dish it out lol). The question is, is that something that can even be changed with a mod? Because I can imagine that the situations in which troops gain stats is something that could quite easily be hard-coded. If it is moddable though, would anyone be able to point me towards which files I would need to modify?