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    On that note, I'd like to have either a menu, or pop-up, or something that lets you see armor condition and resistances. Would be nice to see the XD thing of a separate armor mitigation stat on weapons. Loved having Axes as an armor piercing melee attack, get those awesome moments of running out of shots, and seeing your international party suddenly all become Danish for a minute. Always wanted a shield push. More medals. I want to be able to do a run where a unit can't be promoted to top rank until they capture one of every unit or something. Or have someone recognized for shotgunning 3 reapers in one round. There's just so much more that can be done with that. Air game has what I always wanted now.
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    Your UI mockup looks very interesting - health bars near to the units and equipment displayed. If it really is too late in the development cycle to revamp now, your work might qualify as a cool Mod. I really like it.
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    I personally don't like having super-accurate data. I'd rather have rough visual cues (bleeding, enemy damage model/decals or posture/animation change) or as Jagged Alliance 2 did it, general description (Healthy, Injured, Near Death, etc..)
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    I guess it's time for me to spend 100 hours on a playthrough of X-Division then