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    Xenonauts-2 November Update

    I would also like to see the MARS platform in th next build, but please don't feel pushed and take your time When thinking about modular armour, there are further practical parts that come into my mind: parts with cloaking ability a vest that regenerates a few hitpoints on each turn parts that are resistant to fire and acids hand/arm parts that can carry specific weapons (p.ex. Katana, or a gaountlet with poisoned spikes..) also the mind shield helmet would fit here
  2. squeezechart

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    it would be great if you'd take form it what you need - it's just for inspiration
  3. Also for me the Skyhawk seems fine, although I would have liked closing doors like in 'Terror from the deep.'
  4. This is a work in progress and I doubt that UFO and maps are finished at this early stage
  5. squeezechart

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    it doesn't has to be top-down; all the gameplay could be done in the current window we have - without scrolling. I just wanted to say that the graphics are lovely, and the layout is cool. Balancing is another topic. You still can control multiple fighters with your mouse and make them fire. As for the equipment slot, we just have one for weapons and armor in v9, but not for fancy other stuff like the repair drones.
  6. squeezechart

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    I'd like to see a colorful air combat pretty much like it is in Astro Avenger 2 (an asteroid clone, but with lovely graphics) and I'd like to see expansion slots in Aircraft to put in repair droid, energy shield, distortion field generator, new engines and other fancy stuff like I already posted
  7. There seems to be no queue for research - you can select one research item, if you want to let research another item once the present one has been finished, 'queue full' is displayed and you get no notification when the research is finished (to go and select another one). On engineering, there seems to be a working queue.
  8. squeezechart

    Community Discussion - Air Combat

    I remember 2 games that could inspire air combat for Xenonauts-2. The first is an asteroid shooter called "Astro Avenger 2" - it has an interesting layout, where the ship is in the lower bottom of the screen, on the left side you have energy level of the ship, on the right side you have health bar of the ship, you can equip your ship with different weapons but the best of all were 4 drones - one that repairs the ship during flight, one that could protect from lasers, one that could protect from missiles and one that also shoots the enemy. The best was the repair droid that repaired ship damages while you were flying and fighting. And then there was XForce, an open XCOM variant developed from 2003-2011. http://xforce-online.de/ Your ships had slots for weapons, one slot to change thrusters and the best were the expansion slots where you could build and equip 1 energy shield, and an antigravitational field (a device that made your ship harder to hit) and if I remember right there was also a cloaking device The ships were moved by the pc mouse movements which was really fun.
  9. This terror mission hangs during alien turn groundcombat-194.json
  10. I built 2 Laser LMG and both are not in the list of equipment user-29.json
  11. squeezechart

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    yeah there's something to be said when current research is finished
  12. the game always crashes at 13:30 game time.. so I cannot play any further user-32.json
  13. some days ahead.. the earlier the better if you ask me because I have some days off and could test more
  14. I already have 10 gun drone wreckages in the base storage but there's no autopsy of it coming
  15. My shot down aircraft does not show the correct health - it shouldn't be 0/300 (which is displayed as /300 in this build) but a few percent if it is rebuilt from wreckage and that numbers should increase over the rebuilding time
  16. I see.. another thing is that the number "0" is missing before "/300"
  17. I see.. when do you plan to release the next build?
  18. There are no stats displayed for aircraft weapons so it's hard to decide which ones to choose
  19. For every research, we have preview texts. The preview text for the Alien grenade seems to be wrong - it shows "study of Alenium" Furthermore, autopsy of Reaper is listed there - all other Autopsies came automatically and were not selectable in that list
  20. The battefield turned upside down as I accidentally used the mouse wheel. This happened after one of my soldiers was on the hill of that map. After loading my savegame, the battlefield was displayed correctly.
  21. squeezechart

    [v9.1 Ground Combat] battlefield turned upside down

    There are many.. is this one good? user-14.json
  22. squeezechart

    [v9.1 Ground Combat] battlefield turned upside down

    This also happened on the polar mission later on and always is related to going up one level user-22.json output.log_1.c6a8ece523bc2c5a3bdb837caf7fbacc
  23. Lading savegames, my soldiers often cannot crouch despite having enough points to do that. This also happened in earlier builds. user-5.json
  24. the engineering page shows an image of the plasma rifle but the plasma rifle isn't one of the available items to build