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Xenonauts (PC)


Xenonauts is a PC-only singleplayer strategy game due in 2014.

It tasks the player with defending the world against alien invasion, using interceptors to engage and destroy UFOs in the skies above Earth and using crack teams of soldiers to capture the crashed alien technology on the ground. It is a race against time to unlock the secrets of the alien origins and technology before Earth is overwhelmed!

A spiritual successor to the X-Com series of strategy games, Xenonauts is the first project to faithfully carry the timeless mechanics into the modern age!

Next Small Game (PC, Tablet)


Next Small Game (“NSG”) is an unannounced strategy title for PC and tablet currently in development at Goldhawk Interactive.

NSG is a sci-fi tactical space combat and squadron management game with a smaller scope and a lower price point than Xenonauts and NBG.

More details will follow when the project is officially announced!

Next Big Game (PC)


Next Big Game (“NBG”) is an unannounced PC strategy title currently in development by Goldhawk Interactive.

NBG is not a sequel to Xenonauts, but remains a squad-level tactical game. We will draw from a wider array of inspiration during development than we did for Xenonauts (i.e. it won’t be a remake!) and will be utilising a much better engine this time around, allowing us to make the game full 3D.

More details will follow when the game is officially announced!

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