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Thread: Immersion: nice job!

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    Immersion: nice job!

    This game has a great atmosphere, the moody music, serious faces and cold war aesthetics really make it an immersive experience. When an alien shot one of my manz during a night mission I nearly jumped out of my seat!

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    Thanks, glad you like it!
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    Allow me to echo this. The sound is really great; I rarely jump when an enemy fires at me in X-COM, but I've leaped in my seat more than a few times when coming under fire from Caesan weapons. The sound and aesthetics for this game are phenomenal; as a gamer who places huge emphasis on atmosphere, that's a great factor.

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    The Music for the night mission's is simply amazing. Its very creepy and it sounds like the UFOs engine is humming after it crashed

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    The atmosphere makes this game great, just like it did with X-Com. I'll echo the sentiments here, hearing incoming fire in X-Com always made me cringe, but rarely jump, despite how tense the atmosphere was. Xenonauts has taken it one step further, to the point where I can't help but jump whenever a shot comes from the darkness. It's still in Alpha and already it's great, I can't imagine how much better it will be once the Aliens can actually choose to shoot at us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nfire3 View Post
    The Music for the night mission's is simply amazing. Its very creepy and it sounds like the UFOs engine is humming after it crashed
    Thanks, i'm glad you like it. Its going to have a bit of tweaking still to do, but i have lot more similar tunes coming up.

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    Finally had a chance to play this, and I have to second the sentiment here. Absolutely love the immersion in this game. The 2D hand-drawn artwork is used to great effect and has a considerable impact.

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    I mentioned this in another thread, but I'm just going to restate it here. I have now jumped a few times with enemy firing coming out of the darkness (previous version than current). The music sets this perfectly.

    I also have to agree with the 2D hand-drawn style art. This isn't a fair comparison but it reminds me how old clay zombies or creatures in movies out do similar 3D models. These old clay creatures have always been more creepy then their high tech 3D counter parts. The movement of the clay figures I think is a big part of it, so unnatural, which is why the the comparison isn't quite right. But there is something 2D brings out that is missing or lost in 3D.

    Perhaps part of what 2D hand-drawn brings is timelessness. AoE 1/2 still look decent compared a number of the 3D games made around the same time.
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    I remember when World in Conflict came out and some people slammed it for using 2D slideshows in addition to the 3D cutscenes. Seems in this day and age the fact that we can make photorealistic graphics means every game has to have photorealistic graphics, in every part of its presentation. Never understood why. I personally loved WiC's cutscenes myself, they had a nice feel with the Ground Control-reminiscent journal entries combined with artwork that always seemed to fit the mood and dialogue. They (along with Xenonauts) had a "show, don't tell" approach to many of these pictures -- that is, the pictures don't just mimick the actors' lines and what you already know, but add to the atmosphere and experience.

    Compare this to games like Civ4, which have stale screens with just a bland blue background. No close-ups of the action whatsoever, just out-of-scale characters walking around in a cartoonish landscape. Next to no immersion whatsoever, which really detracts from the experience as you feel like you're some disconnected alien sitting up in the sky watching the actions of some distant civilizations, rather than the leader of a country, sitting there on his or her throne right in the midst of the action (and don't get me started on the timelapse wonder cutscenes). At least Civ III had the City View option.
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