For those who have tried out the ground combat map creation tool with the recent builds.
If anyone has any tips for making a good map or changes to the tool that may make map making easier please join in

My personal experience is limited but I have only found one real problem so far and one thing I would like to add.

- Tiles cannot go of the edge of the screen.
This causes problems with things like roads. If you need to make and place a separate road section at 1, 2, 3, and 4 tile thicknesses for each direction it is going to slow down map creation and make people give up.
My suggestion is to allow certain tiles to clip off the edge of the map, this could be a flag in the tile xml.
It is annoying when you get to the end of creating a masterpiece only to realise you are going to have a road that ends four tiles from the screen edge.

- No preview of what you are placing.
This is a little more difficult to do but it would be nice if you could get a rough image of the object you have selected.
May not happen but would be a nice touch.