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    Question Ranks

    I want to start my first post off by saying thank you for making this game, and I plan on pre-ordering the premium version as soon as I have some extra cash.

    My question is will there be more ranks in Xenonauts than there were in X-COM. I know you guys don't want to make the game bloated, but I felt like 5 ranks wasn't enough (Game play and realism wise. What military only has 5 ranks).

    I got one more sub-question, what's the first rank going to be. I was never fond of Rookie, it doesn't sound official enough, It should be Private.

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    Currently its 8 ranks, and yes, the first rank is Private with Corporal being the 'squaddie' equivalent.
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    That's exactly what I wanted to hear, thank you. 8 ranks was the perfect number I had in my head.

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