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Thread: The last mission duh dumdum

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    I loved the text adventures, actually. It was the RTS you can play as a shooter (Yes, FPS) that annoyed me.
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    There are already some threads about What Really Happened or How It Should End.

    Chris even confirmed alternate endings!

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    i agree. the biggest bummer for me for the original xcom was the overall arch of events.

    it was like why bothering doing this or that, or researching this, you just need an avenger, 20 guys, and a live alien commander.

    there should be like 3 different endings.
    - A cydonia style mission to mars ( fun for those who want a goal oriented ending)

    - A kill em till there aint no more to kill ( fun for players who like to keep the game going)

    - a huge orbital battle involving multiple air missions and the "mother ship" which needs to be taken down. then ground assaulted with tons of aliens on both sides. after which the rest of the aliens can be mopped up (fun for those who want a blaze of glory ending)

    - possibly another scenario, FEAR. the player scores so high in the later months, the aliens see the invasion as a lost cause and pull out. maybe make certain goals, like having to score super high, having to kill xxx commanders. researching terror weapons or torture on the aliens. (fun for those who want a score based ending)

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