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  1. Josh and I both pledged at the tier where you get a soldier name with a fixed portrait - although one from a list of selections, rather than a custom-made one that had a limited amount on offer in a higher tier.
  2. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but would it be possible to have recruitable soldiers have random ranks (say, either PVT, CPL or SGT - nothing too high up), displayed in the list? Since I mean, otherwise if you're exclusively hiring privates (other than the soldiers you start with, anyway), it really does seem like all you're doing is either hiring people who failed their entrance exams (no combat experience), or those who were dishonourably discharged for incompetence (with combat experience). I mean, I get that the Xenonauts would have their own heirarchy where you'd have to prove yourself to rank up within, but I mean, if there's a soldier who has previously shown their competence (i.e. the RNG favoured them ) and has made sergeant, surely they'd be able to retain their rank. (Also, sorry if this is the wrong forum to bring this up in! I could've sworn there used to be a 'suggestions' forum, but perhaps not!) EDIT: Oh, and unrelated I know, but does anyone know when the Kickstarter goodies get shipped out? Completely forgot about it until now, to be honest!
  3. His appearance reminds me of Otacon from MGS, but his behaviour reminds me of Dr McKay from Stargate/Stargate: Atlantis
  4. Yeah, I started noticing the bug when I had Josh be part of the team from the start with myself and another friend of ours (due to forcing it via the ingame options, that is), then saw him in the recruitable list as well, making it possible for me to have two Josh Eales' at once. Kind of reminded me of the prequel Star Wars movies; beginning to create an army of clones to throw at the enemy!
  5. This is so unbelievably hilarious; I thought this bug was only happening for myself and my other friends who pledged to the Kickstarter - one of which being Josh Eales himself! Crying myself to tears here, this is absolutely hilarious - I've sent him a message with the link to his card, so it'll be interesting to see how he reacts! (Oh what I surprise I had, when I opened up the Steam trading card page for Xenonauts!)
  6. Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking about suggesting. It'd definitely be good to have it partially transparent or greyed out, (50% would probably be best, as Khalan said) to reduce confusion. Shouldn't be too difficult to implement, either
  7. I agree - allowing people to at least change their soldiers' names isn't conning those (myself included) who paid to have a soldier named after them. This is of course because the list of Kickstarter donators who paid to have their names(+faces, for those applicable) put in have their names in all copies of the game by default, while people editing the names of their soldiers is only affecting that person's game. Plus it was always a good part of the fun in the original X-COM; renaming your men to match people you are friends with, (or enemies, if you enjoy seeing them in terror! ) and keep them updated on their ingame soldier. So yeah, I know Chris gets the final say here, so there's probably not really any point in me saying any of this, but I just don't see the problem with allowing players to change their Xenonauts' names. Maybe not their nationality or face, but their names should be changable, certainly.
  8. (Geez, it's been a while since I've posted here!) I'd personally suggest having either nothing at all, or minimal information, for the aliens. But yeah, naturally I like having toggles for things like this, as some people would rather have no information and be in the dark, (like myself; especially in a game like X-COM!) but others would at least like to see if their suppressing fire has taken affect, which I can respect.
  9. Yeah, I'd probably go with something similar to this; although I'd suggest that it land in Antarctica or something, and maybe just be a massive underground base, (like four alien bases in one, or something, which they're using as a headquarters on Earth) where the brain/whatever is, as well as probably having a massive reactor core and/or 'doomsday weapon' that you need to contend with, to prevent them from detonating the core/weapon (I'd probably be inclined to go for the power core option, but by that point of the game they'd be slightly desperate and/or straight-up wanting revenge on our species for killing so many of them, etc etc) and taking out a good portion of the planet's surface, in an upscaled II-esque situation, as you suggested.
  10. Huzzah, my number won't be hard to remember at all, as it's my current age! (21, before someone comes at me with a "what, you mean you're #5?" joke ) And I'll definitely need to have that Harkonen guy in my initial squad, even if he's one 'n' short of the well-known Dune surname.
  11. My opinion is essentially this - especially since there are plenty of other more beneficial game components that the developers could add instead, that I would much rather. And I mean, the ground combat is the meat of the game - that's basically all I play it for, as well as a little base-/research-managing on the side EDIT: Oh and uh, unless they took the route Creative Assembly took with the Total War games, which was to make the auto-resolve less efficient than what the player would generally be able to do, and make it approximately as good or even slightly better than some players' abilities, some players might see no incentive of doing it themselves, as the auto-resolve would have just as good odds, if not slightly better. (depending on the player's skill, as I mentioned) On the other hand, if they did make it like the TW games, you would never want to do it, as you would likely lose good men that you otherwise may've been able to save. I'm not against adding auto-resolve as such, but well, I just don't really think that this is the kind of game it should be in/would be easily added into, and I think there are better things the devs could do with their time
  12. Yes, usually fatal, but not necessarily. You can't really go around calling a serious gunshot wound 'fatal' if it didn't actually result in your death, can you? That would be a mortal wound, which is what the stat/condition/whatever should really be called, as it's not really committing the soldier to death; just showing that they've sustained however many serious wounds, and will likely die unless given medical attention ASAP, which does happen - even in the harsh environments that X-COM/Xenonaut operatives are forced to endure! (Sorry, I know this is really a non-issue, but whatever)
  13. If the 'fatal wound' system (or at least name) from X-COM does get implemented, though, I'd really suggest changing it to 'mortal wound', as 'fatal wound' implies that the wound was...well, fatal, when it isn't necessarily - while a mortal wound is a serious/life-threatening wound that you are capable of living through, with the appropriate treatment. Just one of my pet peeves from the original, heh. (That and no soldier memorial page!)
  14. Yeah, I think something like this could be good, too. That or including stimulants/adrenaline like in X-COM, to boost their energy levels, etc.
  15. Ah, good idea - I've actually never had to do that, before, until now! (Especially since I don't really feel like dealing with Amazon at the moment, due to issues with my Xenonauts pledge..) I'll definitely need to get the first one at least, once I have some spare cash in a week or so - especially judging from all the positive reviews here!