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Thread: Potential Geo-political Mod

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    I'm not sure I put in the SDI. I was sure thinking about it though I was wondering about the details of the Sputnik info in the game and how that could be looked at.

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    Hmmm. None of the stuff in that list is able to be done at present, I'm afraid. That's not to say that we couldn't add it - but I don't think we could do so easily. It's a fairly significant amount of work because those systems aren't really linked in any way at the moment and tying them together would be as much work as implementing more game central stuff (which we should be concentrating on instead).

    Because of that, I'm probably going to have to rain on your parade and say that I doubt this will make it in. I'm happy to support modding, but I don't think these changes would be worth the time - particularly as it does seem quite specialist modding functionality that I'm not sure many other modders would use if this project did take off. Far less useful than, say, allowing weapons to have different ammunition types and far more effort.

    Sorry about that!
    Chris England - Xenonauts Project Lead

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    <deflating noise>

    Ah... ah well, not to worry I guess.

    Are there any moddable functions relating to the geoscape then? Maybe we could fit what can be done with the existing set up in with some of the ideas we've had, rather than making the engine fit the ideas.

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    Awww, idea was cool...

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