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Thread: [V7.5 - Air Combat] No mouse cursor when game starts

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    Exclamation [V7.5 - Air Combat] No mouse cursor when game starts

    I just preordered this yesterday and unless I'm missing something I can not see any sort of mouse cursor when I boot the game. I can click by the beta disclaimer but when the game directs me to select a location for my base I've been unable to go any further because I can not see a cursor to click the ok button. I hear a noise when I click so I am pretty sure the game is not frozen however I am completely baffled on how to move forward so any help would be nice.

    System Specs:
    Core i7 920
    Geforce GTX 285
    6gig ram
    Windows 7

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    Odd, this happened to someone with one of the old builds. Not sure if they ever got it fixed though.
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    Alrighty, since my last post the problem fixed itself? Everything seems to be working now so that nice but I really don't think I did anything to fix it unless the beta updated and I didn't notice >.>

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    Maybe it was related to some other program you were running either at the time or before running the beta?
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