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    Setup Questions

    I apologize if these are explained somewhere. I performed a cursory look through tabs and couldn't find an answer. Maybe I missed a sticky. Maybe I didn't.

    1> I finally managed to get the program to download. I unzipped the RAR file. It launches but not through Desura which is more than happy to have me repurchase it. I managed to play a little by launching the executable. How do I sync the game to Desura to at least get updates?

    2> Is it possible to shoot down a UFO over land regularly and I am missing something? Mostly I lose the UFO, run out of fuel, or it crashes into the ocean. The air combat is a little counter-intuitive at this time. I can make buttons change color on the screen, but it is unclear exactly if I am turning things on, off, or doing anything at all.

    I'd love to screw with this and look forward to the the end project (obviously or I wouldn't have dropped $29 on an alpha.) Obviously, I am missing something that others know about.


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    If you downloaded the rar then you went outside the desura client. It's an alternative for those that can't make desura work properly.
    have you gotten any email from desura about your purchase?

    2) there might be a bugg with chaseing UFOs on the higher speeds. also what are you engageing with? MiGs do too much amage to crash a scout, send F-17s instead. Fighters never leave crashsites.
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    Thanks! I look into Desura. The email send me to a CDKeys page that had the link.

    I'll try the air combat again. I found a the bat file that seem to enable the ground combat. I need to get more familiar with it all, I suppose. It looks very promising.

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    The bat file for ground combat just launches ground combat missions without you having to shoot anything down in air combat.

    It is not always easy to get crash sites from air combat at the moment.
    few things to look out for:
    Fighters do not leave crash sites.
    You need to engage over land (not always obvious if that is the case).
    Try not to do too much damage, a scout hit by an avalanche missile will probably be destroyed rather than crash.
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