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Thread: Suggestion: Purchasing of prebuilt bases

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    Suggestion: Purchasing of prebuilt bases

    I noticed in another thread it was mentioned that in the beginning of the game there may be friendly geoscape forces
    to act as a speed bump for scout UFOs early game.
    I got to thinking and figured if you put an existing base down per funding nation and then allowed the player to buy them at a preset point in the game, it could be an interesting wrinkle.
    It would need to be well though out and balanced, but it could be a good way for a player who has downed a few scout UFOs and sold the materials from them an avenue to increase their power a premade base at a time and not be hindered by the huge building times by using the few millions they have built up from salvaging. There would definitely need to be a 1 per time period cap so you couldn't swallow the entire map.
    It also seems like a good way to be able to cover twice as much space without having to wait a month. I usually start with my base being able to cover all of russia, and then buying a premade base in n. america would greatly expand my ability to defend funding nations.
    As long as the cost was equivalent to the benefit, I think this could be pretty neat

    Any thoughts?
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