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  1. Edge scroll still feels crap. Scrolling should stop instantly I move the cursor away from the screen edge. it feels way too floaty at least on my sh**ty computer...
  2. Thanks Solver.
  3. Few random thoughts: -The game seems to be somewhat laggy and slow on my computer (Core i3, Radeon HD3670, 4gb, Win10, Dx12) Combined with the unresponsive and "floaty" edge scroll made the game feel hard to control. Please tune edge scroll to work similar to X1 (move only when cursor is at the edge and not seconds after it) -Enemies are still really hard to see. Unit highlighting and outlines, prop transparency and more contrasty textures are needed really bad here. Maybe its also the lack of shadows that makes everything seem too uniform and flat that pretty much nothing stands out visually. UI graphics (movement line, TU's ) naturally need to be drawn on top of the grass. -Visually the map looks fine aside from the aforementioned lack of shadow and contrast. Maybe the forest tileset is a bit too busy and not so functional in general compared to the original. Line of Fire, cover situation, movable terrain, units and especially fying bullets are constantly unnecessarily hard to perceive. I had a feeling I'm not in full control and can't follow everything that is happening around the playing field. Rich world graphics are nice and all, but functionality first, please! - Units look good aside from the visibility issue (have you experimented (can it be done?) with a slight outline like in X1?) There's something off with animations and I don't mean the obvious vaulting glitches, but the animation framerate seems lower than the game's base framerate and it makes everything seem annoyingly jittery. My under powered computer might be the cause of course. It just doesn't look right, just can't put my finger on it after this first short test. Maybe too slow/fast animation speed in comparison to unit movement speed? Few quality of life improvements are needed asap to make the gameplay more enjoyable: - "TU's left after this move" information should be shown all the time in the cursor when deciding where to move, instead of only after clicking. - Soldiers should move as far as they can, even when ordered beyond max TU limit. - You should be able to reroute soldiers while they are moving. - Shooting reticle needs to snap more neatly to grid - Cover information around the cursor is way too intrusive - UI is scattered all over the place, but I'm sure it's a place holder... After testing this, I fired up old Xenonauts for the first time in ages - and damn it (still) feels great after this demo. I understand that X2 is still in very early production stage, but still... if you haven't, go play few GC rounds there and feel how snappy and responsive everything feels and how easy it is to see where to move and get into cover. (if not, I probably need a new computer... ;)) EDIT: I play with 1920x1080 resolution with 1920x1080 native screen and I too found the loading screen text too small. Also would like to read actual gameplay tips instead these historical warfare wisdoms.
  4. That's in 3d?! Nice! I'll be here on monday... it's good to be back!
  5. Skitso's Sounds of Pain

    Version 1.0.0


    This mod changes all human injury and death sounds to higher quality ones and also adds more variation.
  6. Working on it!
  7. The problem isn't in the art or lack of skill. What I saw as an issue with X1 was more to do with design and artistic vision. Of course there was lack of certain polish, which is completely understandable when you take the budget and team size in consideration. Things just take time. It took me for example 2 full days of work to fix and polish desert mesa graphics for my improved tile art mod: And even those are far from perfect. It's quite a lot of work for such a minor improvement in a game with thousands of tiles. For small team you just need to make compromises. But the artistic vision and direction - that's the thing even the smallest of teams need to have. And that was the thing that was a bit of an issue with the original game. A skilled and perfectionist art lead is an indispensable asset for a game studio. (Hire me? )
  8. The character concept art seems a bit uninspired and generic. Nothing makes the characters stand out and feel distinctly Xenonaut. You'd definitely need to think ways to make the designs stand out more - something that people can subconsciously connect with Xenonauts even without any further reference. You'd probably want to design a new logo for Xenonauts and incorporate that (both logo and color) in the uniforms and also add one or two unique design details into them.
  9. Great! You have my money. (just show me some sweet images )
  10. Thanks! Hope you like it!
  11. Yup, here:
  12. Hmm, have you painted ufo roof tiles on top of the rooms? I had similar issues with my alien base mod, and managed to fix it with those...
  13. ...With some concept art to show us too?
  14. There isn't any difference in functionality whether you just place one tile at a time to layer 0 or use the paint ground tool to layer 0 other than that the latter is much faster and more easy to do. The issue isn't visible in the submap editor, mind. The issue rises only in game in situations where i've placed two different submaps on top of each other (floor1 = container, floor2 = container 2nd floor) Everything is fine if you put two containers on top of each other in the editor. This isn't a mapping issue, but a game rendering order one, I'd think.
  15. Sorry guys, unfortunately this is just not going to work as I visioned it in my head. With the new roof tiles (cut by SoulFilcher, thanks for the effort!) everything works as it should and looks great until I put something on top of these new containers. The roof tiles that are under something else don't get displayed when there's for example another container on top of it. These missing roof tiles just look too shoddy that I can't release it in the "AAA" quality I require from my mods. I can't seem to be able to fix this without llunak checking the code why the "levitating" level 2 submaps don't allow the floor tiles beneath it to be seen. But anyway, this has already required way more time and effort than such a trivial thing deserves, so I guess I'll just give this up and move on to other things.