View Full Version : Lone Survivor - A "psychological survivor adventure game"

04-29-2012, 15:20
Has anyone else tried this one? I bought it soon after it was released, and now the updated version is out on Steam as well.




So, you play as this strange guy wearing a surgical mask, apparently the only survivor of some kind of a disease that has left the city in ruin and full of zombies (or something similar).
I'm not much of a zombie survival fan (Shaun of the Dead is the only zombie movie I really like), and never really played the Silent Hill games which are an obvious influence, but this game has an amazing creepy atmosphere, greatly enhanced by the well done sounds and music.
The pixelated 2D graphics style is rather charming as well. I'm especially impressed with the psychological side of the game, as half the time I'm not sure what I saw is real or just the main character going insane. :D

You can check out the browser-based demo here:

04-30-2012, 14:02
Pretty good game.
It have similar feel to Silent Hill which is great.
BTW If anyone think that main hero have mad smile on his face instead of mask?
because I think that at first and still can see it.

04-30-2012, 15:30
I did buy the game the other day, but i yet to play it (i don't think me playing 2 mins at the start counts as playing it properly yet) but it does look good. and does have a rather freaky element to the game :)

04-30-2012, 16:44
BTW If anyone think that main hero have mad smile on his face instead of mask?

Haha, you are not the only one. I didn't see it at first, and I wish I never read someone saying that as I always knew it's a surgical mask but now the huge, mental grin just can't be unseen. :D

Finally got the steam key for the new "Codename: RED" version from the developer, time to start playing again. Good to see that he decided to decrease the hunger levels a bit (10% or something), as the hunger did come a bit too fast earlier.

05-02-2012, 22:58
Was pretty disappointed by the game. Bought it after having played the demo and the game quickly got a lot worse after the demo since it essentially forced you to shoot everything like crazy. Also the game is short and ends in about 30 minutes after leaving the apartment. I personally expected more even if the game isn't bad it's just that it's pretty mediocre despite the possibility of being great instead

Also the dev is totally irrational in his zealous defense of the game. I posted my complaints in a civilized manner on the youtube video of the launch trailer and within an hour I was banned from posting anymore comment. Is this what you would expect from a indie dev? Someone who can't take a single bad review? Yes he did later send me a message apologizing which I appreciated but doesn't make the deed undone when it comes to coming off as very unprofessional