View Full Version : Mornington Crescent: the renaissance

duke o' york
03-05-09, 01:40
Ladies and gentlemen:

Arnos Grove

03-05-09, 02:33
The band Mornington Crescent?

Lord of the Mark
03-05-09, 05:25
Ladies and gentlemen:

Arnos Grove

jay street/boro hall


03-05-09, 11:52
I'll start off with the classic Chasensky Gambit:

Charing Cross

03-05-09, 16:46
Diagonal to Waterloo

duke o' york
03-05-09, 17:57
A half-strile to Oval nets me some green tokens, but they'll be worthless if Schwarzer's Parallel is brought into play in the next couple of turns. :(

duke o' york
06-05-09, 19:04
A last bump before giving up playing on yet another site. :(

06-05-09, 19:17
Sorry, I'm new to the game so I've been carefully planning my opening move.

Marble Arch

duke o' york
06-05-09, 19:27
A sneaky move, which puts Locutus in nidd. :b:

I've repaid the favour though. :)

duke o' york
06-05-09, 19:28