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19-07-09, 10:49
Cultural Citystyles, version 0.95 for BtS 3.19

This modcomp is the successor of Ethnic Citystyles 1.04 for BtS 3.17.
The namechance is mostly because Ethnic Citystyles covered ethnicities in general, not specific cultures. Since the mod covers 19 artstyles, I felt the so-called flag didn't cover the cargo anymore.

Cultural Citystyles doesn't alter gameplay, there's only graphic changes.

This mod is made to make the civilizations more culturally diverse with the available art made by freelance modders and unused art by Firaxis. Basically, citysets of the different artstyle groups have been changed/altered until the Future Era, where ever art was available for it. The future era is in general the same for all artstyles. In some cases you'll still see the normal ingame cityset buildings, which means I haven't found art for those spots or I intended it to remain there. Also, for some units and buildings new .dds files are included which I felt made them look better without altering the basic model of it. Besides citystyles, new facility -and improvement art is included for the different artstyles. Included is Sepamu92's fishingboat modcomponent.
Don't expect truly different citystyles in all cases tho. Quite a number of them are hybrids, especially the Indian -and Khmer civ. The main new thing is that from the Industrial era on a mix of old and new city buildings are used. For instance in the Modern era you'll see Industrial city art and modern flats mixed for the European civs.

Simply unzip the download to your Beyond the Sword/mods folder, check if there are NO double folders of "Cultural Citystyles" (Beyond the Sword/mods/Cultural Citystyles/Cultural Citystyles). Lastly, check if your CivilizationIV.config AND your CivilizationIV.ini files have Modular Loading enabled (should be 1).

Thanks for the unit, building, effects, improvement, python -and xml files in this mod (in alphabetic order) goes to achilleszero, asioasioasio, Chamaedrys, cool3a2, C.Roland, Deon, Denev, Duke van Frost, Ekmek, Freya, Ganart, GarretSidsaka, Hadrean, hrochland, johny smith, JustATourist, kodzi, Prestidigitator, Refar, ricardojahns, SeZeReth, Saschkin, Sepamu92, Septim, Sevo, Walter Hawkwood, White Rabbit, veBear, Woodelf, the FfH artteam and no doubt a crowd of other people I forgot. Sorry 'bout that.

Download here (http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=194).

27-07-09, 18:51
Wow! Looks awesome! (especially the Native Americans). I can't wait too try it out :)

27-07-09, 20:40
:lol: I tested it as the Native Americans on a Quick Noble Pangaea Dual, and it looks great! I started near Gandhi and declared war soon after meeting him, and 1 Dog Soldier took out his 5 Warriors and the game ended with a Conquest Victory in 1960 B.C.

That game was 12 minutes long... My quickest yet! :D

01-08-09, 22:18
Mmm, if the mod makes games shorter I must have done something wrong. ;)

Glad to hear you already like the Natives, though they're not completely finished.

27-12-09, 18:15
Cultural Citystyles is updated to version 0.95.

Essentially I call Cultural Citystyles finished graphicwise. There are most likely a couple of xml tags that need to be relinked, but those shouldn't be gamebreakers.

Note for modders: I added a fictive 'Futuristic' era in CIV4EraInfos so that the Firaxis macadam roads only show in the modern era, not the industrial. In case you use extra era's yourself simply delete the GameInfo folder in Cultural Citystyles.