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Time Units First


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This mod changes the ground combat panel to have the time units bar as the first one.


This was originally posted here, but since it looks like the bars are going to stay the way they are in the official game, I've decided to create this as a mod.

The reasons why time units should be first:

- Time units are the most important unit during the ground combat, more important than health. The ground combat is even sometimes described as TU-based. Almost every action changes it, so it is the most often checked value. It is therefore natural to have the most important value as the topmost, instead of in the middle.

- The game always lists time units first everywhere else, be it in the soldier's inventory during the ground combat, or in the soldier equipment tab in the base. This makes the ground combat panel consistent with the rest of the game.



How to install:

- Unzip the archive in the main game directory (it will extract new files to assets/patches).

- (On Unix-like systems, or if you know how to do it) Apply the patch assets/patches/timeunitsfirst.patch .

- (On Windows) Run assets/patches/timeunitsfirst.bat . It will patch necessary game files and create backups of them with the .timeunitsfirstbackup extension. Note: The .bat file was created on Linux and tested using Wine, if it doesn't work in actual Windows, please report/fix.



  • Added a workaround for the game positioning the TU bar far too left (the bug exists even in the unmodified game, but making the TU bar the topmost makes this more visible, so the mod tries to mitigate this by positioning the bar intentionally a bit to the right).


  • Initial release.


  • Is this mod compatible with mod XYZ?
    The mod uses a text patch utility that is quite intelligent about merging changes even to files that have been modified. Unless something changes the actual bars (which is unlikely) , there should be no problem. Since other mods seem to work by replacing files as a whole rather than patching them, it is recommended to install this mod as the last one.
  • How do I update this mod if the game updates? Is this mod compatible with game version x.y?
    As said above, the mod is good at patching files even if they have changed slightly, so if the game updates files relevant for this mod and overwrites the changes, it should be enough to apply the patch again (and possibly revert it first). If there will be any problems, the patch utility will report problems while applying the changes (you may need to run the patching from a command shell to see the error messages). Generally, if anything else fails, resetting your game to its original state (e.g. verifying game files in Steam) and applying the patch again should work.





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Works for me just fine. The patch program is quite smart about applying the changes even if the original file changes a bit (which moreover I expect is unlikely for the files in question) and if it fails, it'll tell you. In the worst case just revert to the backup files created, or even verify the whole game in steam and apply the patch again.

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It just don't work for me: I run timeunitsfirst.bat and nothing happens. A DOS window shows for half a second and that's all. No game changes, no files created. :(

The path is ...\assets\patches\timeunitsfirst.bat, right? I don't need to put it direct at the game root or assets folder, need I?

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It doesn't depend on the mod. The same problem exists also in an unmodified version, it's just that moving the bar as the first one makes it more obvious. Apparently the x position of a bar moves slightly depending on the value of the bar, and the TU bar changes the most often.

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