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[V22e1 - Ground Combat] CTD when healing a bleeding soldier

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Same problem. In fact it extends to medkits and the electric prod. Sometimes it crashes when I equip or closes the inventory screen after I re-equiped my weapon. Sometimes at the end of the turn or even during a save.

Also, after the first use of these objects, they seem to disappear completely for my inventory, even when brand new.

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Have had this as well, although I've also managed to heal someone successfully without a crash to (if that's helpful to know).

EDIT: I'm starting to wonder whether that last part is true. Maybe I misremembered?

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happened to me two, i find the game crashes when you click things too fast maybe

had a lot of crashes in V 22 1 most of them connected to ground combat.

a couple of them happen on the debrief screen, when i load it back in and refinish mission in next turn, it goes normal to geoscope

some happen in reaction fire as well

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