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  1. Exactly, with a uniform they all look the same. This is not about the pictures, its about the stats. The physical and mental requirements to save the planet are, unfortunately, quite low, thus the adjectives.
  2. Xenomorph

    Alien Psionic Powers Discussion

    (Alien PSI strength)-(Soldier Bravery)=R ----------------- Soldier morale=M where 100 morale=0% 90=+5% 80=+10% 70=+15% 60=+20% 50=+25% and so on to max bonus 50% at 0 morale S (Raw %chance of success)=R+M S= around 40% chance at mission start for the average 60 bravery soldier. After a few PSI poundings, % tops at 90%, but should NEVER be 100%. (assuming alien psi strength is 100) I suck at math btw, sorry for the poor explanation
  3. Xenomorph

    OP Reapers

    Rooftops have great views Oh wait... OH NOES PLZ DONT MAKE THEM ABLE TO CLIMB PLZ!!!
  4. Xenomorph

    Discussing Psychic Powers

    I can see that the only way to defend against PSI will be to edit files else i will NEVER EVER try insane+iroman. Just like i dont look down a shotgun barrel and pull the trigger.
  5. Or make it a choice when it's been researched, more ammo or longer range, and it stays that way.
  6. Xenomorph

    Removing Stun Gas Grenades?

    IF anything, this. Stripping soldiers from kill medals is not really a good deal, but surrounding an alien with shield soldiers and poking it to oblivion with a shock stick is way more fun then shooting them in the face Oh wait, they get medals for capturing live aliens right?
  7. Just happened to me as well. Wait for the popup, click "go to base", CTD. [ATTACH]3162[/ATTACH] geo 1.sav geo 1.sav
  8. This thread makes a good point, but as it is, the Corsair is a good replacement for the Condor hands down, and an aircraft that will see it through the end of the game. Trading off some damage for durability is more that a great deal.
  9. Rocket launchers can get useful later on on terror missions where you want to screw aliens from a distance with gas, or destroy drones.
  10. Xenomorph

    Impossible Terror Mission!

    Well, it's not like they mindlessly charge through open field and get massacred. You can pin them down as well, and stop their advance; force them to stay in cover. Focus fire, prioritize drones and snipers. And friggin take cover. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IF you don't have snipers with Buzzards/Sentinels you're not playing the game right. IF you're not using smokes and stun gas grenades you're not playing the game right. IF you don't fit AT LEAST 2 soldiers with heavy weapons to suppress/pin down aliens, you're not playing the game right. IF you're bringing rifles and shotguns to a terror mission, you're not playing the game right. IF you're not bringing enough ammo to a terror mission, you definitely are not playing the game right. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I didn't need to do this yet, but you can probably stuff your soldiers as much as you can with ammo and nades at mission prep, then drop the excess once you get into position and get TU back. If you need more, grab it. Or use your Predators as pack mules, that i do.
  11. Xenomorph

    Discussing Psychic Powers

    Ugh. Silly thing that put us players through some unnecessary grief.
  12. Lets hope its part of the psi balance, powerleveling bravery is a very time consuming chore, not to mention potentially dangerous. The Sentinel and Predator should provide a somewhat +5 bravery buff, for being the top notch of whatever armors the Xenonauts will ever get. ANDOR Soldiers should automatically get a +1 bravery for every large UFO, and +2 for every terror mission (there really aren't many of those) or large UFO where psi powers are involved (instead of +1 for non psi UFO) , them being directly affected or not. And maybe an extra +1 IF its a landed (not shot down) UFO.
  13. Xenomorph

    Shields and their effect on combat

    I would like to mount shields on.. Vehicles 2 in the front, 2 in the rear, 3 each side and the hull carbon fiber to be cheaper, happy days. Being able to carry an extra shield on the backpack or dual wield them is silly. I don't do it because i don't think it's proper, when they're gone they're gone, they had a purpose, and that's not replacing rocks, crates and other cover props. As they are now, i don't think they're OP. Also, shield bearers should be able to use shotguns. Just because they're point and shoot, assault shotguns without a grip is silly. IRL i can easy fire a shotgun with one hand and hit stuff as long as it's not too far, l can't say the same for a rifle. For fun, saw the barrels a bit, trim the buttock and add some cushion, strap it to your forearm, get used to the kick and there, the perfect home made short range generic point and shoot
  14. About the Sebillians regenerating HP, it's a great idea. And funny thing, the HP regen glitch caused by it it's actually NOT bad at all; it could be turned into a feature, maybe? Sebillian stem cells are synthetic, all aliens should have access to it, but due to physiologic differences, it's not as effective on other races. This coupled with what's been mention before on this thread, could complement the AI and make map progression actual progression; if overwhelmed or injured and outnumbered, aliens will retreat to join with others or to heal. This means kill them quick and well dead, of face them later in a bunch turtled outside or inside the ufo. This may be predictable, but just as everything else is. Anyways, being ganked to death as in Apocalypse is not necessarily a bad thing its one of the things that keeps drawing me back, those "OH S**" moments where all the sudden they are all over the place. This is exactly what's making terror missions great. Kill or be killed, stupid Aliens will not get to keep the planet.