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Not sure if this has been answered already (should anyone ever start a question any other way?) but will the rocket launcher have backblast? Visually it looks like a SMAW, but I'm aware that doesn't translate into weapon specifics. As far as I can tell though, no cold war rocket system didn't have lethal backblast or problems firing in enclosed spaces. Even today we've only improved on some aspects of it.

Another question: To punctuate thread titles or not?

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Presumably the punctuation should have been a question mark?

But no, we've not added backblast and I'm not sure we will. I know it's not realistic but I don't see it adding too much in gameplay terms and we've got bigger fish to fry in development terms.

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A question mark would have fit now I think about it. But a full stop looks a little out of place somehow.

No worries about the backblast, in fact I can see people complaining if you did put it in. I wouldn't have any sympathy for them mind...

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I kill my rocket launcher guy frequently enough, without worrying about back blast.

1) With only enough APs for a shot by RL guy runs straight into a drone.

2) my first encounter with zzz1010's Creepers. RL was the only guy with APs left after the thing got in it's reaction action.

even back in EU1994...

3) Using a blaster bomb too close to a UFO hull. was it the blast that killed him or the fall from level 3 ?

It's an interesting suggestion though. I'm wondering how the game knows to fire in one direction and if it can be modified to fire in more than one, with different effects? - little backblast effect, followed by rocket effect. Something like that?

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