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Let's take, play, throw Xenonauts

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Boys & Girls! Let's take, play, throw Xenonauts with Chaotic Parasite. Relax and enjoy a noobish review of the game. I hope some people will see this video and will fall in love with the game. :)

I am open to any suggestions you might have. While also if you will like me to make a let's play of this please let me know :)

Hope you like the vid.

Alex aka ChaoticParasite

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I understand what you mean Commissar Pancakes ( I had to google "kinda preaching the choir" lol nice phrase ) :) The people I am talking about is the ones that have never heard the game before. Off-course I clearly understand that the public in this forums are much more informed than what I am regarding Xenonauts. I just posted the video in this forum to let known to the xenonauts players that this video exist. I am sorry if you didn't like the vid. I will try better next time ;) Thank you for even taking some time in watching it.

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He wasn't expressing dissatisfication, he was merely saying that you won't convince anyone here (but forgot to think about people discovering your youtube vid from elsewhere) since we all already love it :D

(He really should have included a smily the silly bugger :P)

I think you did not direct the sentance pancakes quoted at this forum but towards people in general

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