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  1. so whats the next goldhawk project? and where do we contribute? lol
  2. I love this, I really wish the big developers could grasp such a simple concept. Thank you!
  3. turn your auto updates off in steam, so you can stay on the same version until you decide to update. Then you can take your time.
  4. I do the same thing now, no more pre-orders ever again. Kickstarter or small developer prepurchases are ok with me only because without them we would never see these games. You ever get the feeling the bug publishers don't care if the game even works? It's almost like they are perfectly happy to release a broken game if it was profitable in the first weekend, then forget about all about it and never fix it. Hype it and sell it, forget about actually making it work.
  5. just remember we are dealing with a game developer who is choosing to finish a product before releasing it and calling it "good enough". I for one am grateful they have this mentality as I am sick of paying $60 for unfinished garbage that doesn't even work correctly and never gets fixed. As far as I'm concerned the beta is fun if not taken too seriously when you are playing it, if they took a whole year from now I would still be very happy with my early purchase. Game is a lot of fun right now, no reason to not be playing it.
  6. instead of transferring i think it would be better if research and scientist management was handled from one screen across all bases. I have forgotten to assign scientists in one base on more than one occasion at the end of a project and as smart as those guys claim to be, they sit around until told to research something.
  7. I think that can be solved in a much simpler way with helpful tool tips for newer players.
  8. how about this: In the geoscape when you click on an active aircraft, add in another option to the little menu "return to base and rearm" Then when that aircraft has returned and is rearmed have a pop up like you get for ufos with the option to ignore or select new target. Also when the option "aircraft ready select new target" comes up please display the aircraft's available fuel levels to help the player identify its possible operating range and wisely select its new target.
  9. Its been about 2 weeks since i played but from looking at your screen shots and thinking about what bothered me about the soldier equip screen I really only see 2 things wrong. 1) background image is hard to see, I really like the opacity in one of the above images (this goes for a lot of the screens but opacity is the only easy fix without a ui redesign that will never happen) 2) I'm not sure if this has changed but the empty medal slots drove me nuts. It felt more like my soldier was missing medals than they had accomplished anything worthy of a medal. Gave the opposite effect a medal should have, Having one you should enjoy seeing it there not say damn look at all those medals I still need. not a big deal but why not equip armor from the right side of the screen like you do weapons and other gear? totally get rid of that equipped armor menu and replace it with drag and drop armor and an armor slot for a more uniform ui and equipping style. where to put the armor slot? right below the weapon, there's nothing interesting to obscure there just hangar floor. Like I said that's not really a big deal and the ui being different in many parts of the game doesn't even bother me, you learn whats what quickly enough.
  10. ok after reading this thread and carefully considering some of the suggestions and goals listed here I have a few comments. Cover, right now cover is good the way it is because it encourages flanking and rewards the player for taking the time to carefully set up a flank attack. another idea, explosives should cause a wide radius of shrapnel causing bleeding, but need to be able to be thrown farther. Burst fire should be the only form of fire that suppresses as it causes the player to make a choice, do I burst fire/suppress or take an accurate shot that might do damage. each has a use. With this we need the ability to tell our troops weather or not to burst fire as a reaction shot. if you really want to make ground combat for suspenseful and interesting you need to add some variety. It does not matter what strategy the aliens use if they use it every time the player knows what to expect. This next suggestion would require more work than I expect you can get done before release but long term I believe it would be amazing. Multiple alien strategies. Write more than one "defensive plan" the aliens would use in a downed ufo mission. This would leave the player unsure what to expect during the mission, unsure where to find the aliens. Those unsure feelings cause the suspense. Examples of different alien ai could be 1. defend the ufo (combat aliens take cover near ufo and hold position, moving only to stay in cover based on xeno approach and defend the ufo. 2. aggressive ai, aliens including non-coms rush the xeno force in an all out kill or be killed fashion. 3. run/hide. aliens bunker up in a building or lots of cover area in attempt to hide from xeno forces\ 4. aliens rig the ufo with explosives and blow it up after so many turns. these strategies are just quick ideas I havnt put a lot of thought in the possibilities but I do know adding variety to the missions would add enjoyment, suspense, and more xeno casualties. Especially if you provide incentive to move faster from idea #4 above. Also consider any mission the non-coms stay inside the ship that they actively work towards destroying the ufo components still intact one at a time, providing additional reason to speed up the approach. I've already gotten tired of the standard ufo mission and its not that I dislike ground combat, its that they all play out the same. crawl cover to cover shoot aliens, approach door open/shoot/close repeat till aliens are dead. win and profit.
  11. I think the intention was that the non-combatant aliens were essentially hiding in the ship hoping the few combatant aliens could defend it. They also made it to where some aliens have to stay inside to avoid the possibility of them all leaving and you walking in and defending it for 5 turns for the win. I dislike the way door opening is currently because it's almost always the exact same, open door-shoot-close door-end turn, strategy. It would add a lot if the non-com aliens would open the door and look out and shoot then close the door occasionally. Just so you are forced to stay alert currently I don't mind sending units to stand at the door as they clear the section of map I gave them. And I have no concern about cover or left over tu's near the door because its risk free. stand out in the open swap shields to new guys if the shield guys got hit at all, get new shields out of bags so on so forth with zero worry before we open the door. I would like to occasionally see the combatant aliens defend the ship instead of going out from it, maybe have them set up outside in a perimeter around the ship and support each other like they were waiting for a rescue and trying to hold out. Maybe occasionally find the entire group moving together to try an escape non combatants escorted by the combatant aliens, could do alternate crash site mission types (catch the escaping aliens as a optional objective) I've already grown tired of the routine ufo missions.
  12. I agree, if on kickstarter I would possibly fund this.
  13. If anything maybe a timer for time to expire OR for time since shot down next to the icon. The second option allows you room to wonder how much time is left still which I prefer.
  14. I like the oil tanker idea, I think the game would benefit in the long run from a variety of mission types. If you can come up with like 10 "specialty missions" and make them rarer it would spice things up. Some could be easily done on the same maps in game just having different win objectives, but I really like the oil tanker idea, I think that would be an amazing place to battle if it didn't blow up from the fire fight, might want to consider using a cargo ship and not an oil tanker for that reason. Would it be possible to add in urban crash site maps for when a ufo crashes within a certain distance of a city thats on the map? then maybe add in a lot of civvies and give the combatant aliens orders to slaughter as many civilians as possible before they die, those could be fun. I quickly grow tired of the same old ground missions over and over, even if the maps are different the mission is the same, the tactics are usually the same, and of course the outcome it predictable. I have started to miss some of these things from the newest xcom game, but the geoscape portion of the game is so linear and boring that I can't get myself to play it again.
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