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New Statesman prefers Xenonauts to XCOM Enemy Unknown

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That was quite positive. I think the only thing he got wrong was the bit about catastrophic failures being "rare". He is right about that from the "can I continue playing" point of view, but wrong about it from the "can I still win the game" view. It's easy in Xenonauts to have a catastrophic failure/decision and not realize it until much later, specially for a beginner. I like that though. It means the game has deep strategic nuances to it.

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Well deserved praise has been given, and as an ex XCOM EU player a can agree with it. It is most probably true that I will not pick that game up again unless Enemy Within brings some SERIOUS additions to the strategic layer (which is simply not probable due to the streamlined core game), but see a good chance I will play this one even after long years like I did with the original.

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