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Add flow-of-time speed options for air combat

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I suggest adding three options for how fast time flows in the air combat mini game (similar to the geoscape time options): Slow, normal (current), fast.

Slow would be used for carefully dodging shots, more effective micromanaging, and more precise maneuvers.

Normal for normal stuff.

Fast for skipping past unnecessary waiting, like when you're escaping an air battle and have to wait for your aircraft to reach the edge of the screen.

Several people have complained about waiting for the air combat to finish when nothing else is going to happen, like when you're escaping after using all your ammo. This would fix that problem.

Additionally, beyond making the air combat better, it could also be used to balance the difficulty levels.

On insane you could remove the pause function and just leave in the three speeds. I'd support that. :)

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