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[V1.9 Steam Stable] Flares not revealing Aliens

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Flares seem to have a pretty nasty bug:

If i nail an aliens position with a flare, i wont see it.

Either the alien moves, or i bring in another soldier to spot it in the brightly lit space.

Cant remember if moving the soldier that should have spotted it in the first place works, but i guess it didnt.

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Flare will illuminate the area, but do not show aliens by default unless they are within range of the line of sight of a unit. At night, that probably means the alien was over 12 squares away, and until you moved close enough, it would remain unseen. I do not know what the exact night visual range is, so I cannot be specific.

Also, what kind of alien was it? Reapers (Purple with Clawblades, that makes people into Zombies the become more Reapers) are known to turn invisible from time to time. Targeting will still work on them (with no penalty) and the Alien Spotted Icon will let you know they are there (if you keep an eye out for it). Just click on that icon when it appears and it will center on where the alien is. Then just move the cursor around the center of the screen until it changes to a target icon.

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For the Reaper issue, it is not a screen refresh issue. The Reaper will remain invisible (except for the shadow it casts on the ground). I literally bumped into one, on the far side of a building as the building was not transparent yet. So I plotted a move to the corner, and began moving square-to-square (not paying attention to the Alien Sighted indicator), and when I noticed a blocked path I saw the shadow being cast in the next square. Luckily my unit had enough time for burst fire. ;)

It looked like Matt was asking for saved games instead of reports, and since the UFO type, map type, and the other details are saved there, it is far easier to just send one of them than to make an actual report. Just save the game (so it is has the latest date stamp), then Alt-Tab out to your desktop, and surf to "C:\Users\<insert computer name here>\Documents\Xenonauts and sort by Date modified and take the top file. If you really want to be sure, just open it with any text editor and you will see the file name in the Upper-Left corner.

Make sure that you re-load the game after Alt-Tabbing back in, as it causes many different glitches at both the Ground Combat and Geoscape level. You should also save & reload when you find a bug. At least 10% will disappear after saving and reloading, downgrading it to a glitch.

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