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  1. Glad this is considered buggy - ill write down some more in depth stuff when it happens again. I did indeed mean the arctic trees. Accuracy increasing wont solve random shots in the back of the soldier kneeing in front of me, or shooting rockents into my own cover - it would just make it happen less often, as far as i understood the accuracy mechanic so far
  2. Very first turn of a terror mission. An enemy spotted right outside the heli, but behind cover. Riocket launcher woman steps 1 tile out of the heli, sits down, takes aim, STILL shoots the damn carrier, half my team suffocates in stun gas. Real terror...
  3. I didn't read all in here, but there's one HUGE thing bothering me: My guys are bloody morons when it comes to avoid shooting around stuff RIGHT IN FRONT of them. This made me not play IronMan for now. Some exemples: Guy sits behind a small wall. I'm trying to shoot an alien with rather low hit chance - BOOM wall hit. Really? Sitting behind a wall for ages and unable to at least pull up the damn gun high enough to actually be able to shoot OVER instead of INTO it? Trees are even worse - i cannot shoot through their brances, nor can I see through, even sitting. Its worse when my soldiers are in front of me, cause now ill hit the guy in front of me, even when the shooter and the guy in front didnt move. Aimed shot? You wish On multiple occasions i threw grenades into soldiers right in front of me, fired rockets into walls etc A trained soldier really should be able to at least not hit stuff RIGHT IN FRONT of him, especially not with normal or even aimed shots. I feel like commanding a bunch of derp Stormtroopers somethimes...
  4. Flares seem to have a pretty nasty bug: If i nail an aliens position with a flare, i wont see it. Either the alien moves, or i bring in another soldier to spot it in the brightly lit space. Cant remember if moving the soldier that should have spotted it in the first place works, but i guess it didnt.
  5. I dont see the problem people have with the stun baton Its pretty damn sweet Sure its melee, but I never had it fail to stun anything (im not too far into the game yet tho.. at least i think so) Its especially good on your scouts when reapers show up, since they run into melee anyway Must have in Terror missions for me Another thing is the Shotgun I love to get close to stuff and blow em up But truth is, a Rifle burst is far stronger than 2 Shotgun hits, seems more precise up close and enjoys longer range The Rifle is superior in any way.
  6. my take on the graviton stuff: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/6386-Alien-Plasma-Technology-is-a-mess please ignore the drama in later page 1 and page 2 posts
  7. Im sorry if i was being disrespectful - didnt mean to. I just meant to make my point clear... which kinda ends up in arguments since I really like all this stuff Even my professors were never safe from me Point is - no matter how much you try, the graviton part will not work out. Sorry Walrus!
  8. This post is pretty useless for anyone other than WalrusJones and those who think he's got a point! tl;dr No! The problem always was and will be the plasma OUTSIDE the weapon. Once it's been shot. Everything inside is taken care of by 'we got an infinite supply of energy lol' (aka Alenium) I didnt say its impossible now - I said its impossible. Thats the beauty of nature's laws - once you know them, they are ALWAYS true. As long as you do not pull something else into the electromagnetic <-> gravity equation, i WILL be right. Let me give you another exemple of why you CANNOT circumvent the graviton problem: One of my old physics questions in class was 'calculate all the forces between electron and proton' im a lazy bum so i looked up the numbers real quick and no idea about distance Fg=1,03223*10^-52N Fe=230,08*10^-9N so Fg*2,22896*10^45 = Fe Proton weighs 1,7 * 10 ^-27kg electron weighs 9,1 *10 ^-31 so we dont give a damn about it so our proton needs the gravitational force of the equivalent to about 3,8*10^19 kg (a ton is 1*10^3 kg Moon weighs in at 7,3*10^22 This is a little wrong due to the fact that our gas is way further spread - but u should get the point. ( i also might have miscalculated somewhere, but the big picture stays true, even if its 10^5 kg... ) I dont think you got what the problem is, nor do I think you have a good enough understanding of physics to argue
  9. My point actually was that i really wanted to get rid of the gravitons
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  11. Hey there, new xeno player over here. I did enjoy the game so far, and the fluff text on the research was pretty nice so far. Except for Alien Plasma Technology... Now from the perspective of a physics engineer: 1) Picture says the front part is an 'Antimatter Emitter', while the text talks about Graviton Emitter 2) Graviton? Gravitational force is a lot weaker than electric or magnetic force. One might argue the Graviton is not yet discovered, therefore, focusing a lot of Gravitons at the Graviton Emitter might produce enough force to cancel out the electric repulsion. The problem tho is, gravitation is not only a lot, but A FRICKING BLOODY HELL OF A LOT weaker than electromagnetic force! Its actually around 10^39 times weaker - thats 40 zeros more in front of the actual number of newtons, compared to the electric repulsion the plasma would produce... This is not something to be overcome by being smart. I suggest something else 3) Lastly, in the last paragraph of the description, its an anti-gravity emitter all of a sudden. I guess thats a simple error due to the anti-matter <-> graviton hiccup as for 2) I liked the idea of the Helix compressing the gas (Stellarator Fusion reactors do excactly this - love you guys for it ) The big problem is with the gas outside the barrel ofc. How about this: The Graviton emitter is actually a Gluon emitter. (Gluons are the stuff holding together Neutrons and Protons in our atomic nuclei) The SMALL amount of ionized HYDROGEN gas (basically Protons) gets bombarded by a VERY small number of Gluons. The Gluons bind some of the Protons to a very instable solid projectile. As soon as the projectile hits something more solid than air or a dense gas, the gluons power is not enouzgh anymore to overcome the electric repulsion, resulting in a 'nano nukelear explosion', emitting a lot of heat and some minor gamma-ray radioactivity (not enough to be any danger unless you get hit by many of those.. which would be lethal anyway) The beauty: Noone can argue with this, as noone knows if its possible Also, the plasma 'projectile' still would have all the neccessary features to be identical with the current plasma: - The further away, the less likely the plasma will arrive its target, as it loses particles on its way, due to the unstable nature of the Proton-Proton nucleus - Emits light and heat while traveling, due to the broken Proton-Proton nuclei ionizing the air around them - its HOT.. a very very small nuke, as mentioned (i called nano nuke cause very few particles would be involved) I dont want to be an a*s, but the explanation really bugged me
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