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asking about armor.

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Hi there.

I am a forum lurker, just made my account. I have not purchased the game yet, but I am working on it. It looks very fun.

Anyway, my question is about something i heard of on the wiki. ( spoiler warning, maybe)

(Final warning for spoiler, i dont know how to make a collapsible spoiler thingy, derp)

I heard you guys not wanting to use the colossus super-heavy armor thingy, why is that? If you aren't going to actually use it, can the files and stuff stay there for people who want to mod it in? finally, are all the armors you guys are wanting to put in already in-game?

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had a spoiler warning. was too short.
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You type (without the added spaces)

[ spoiler ]

and end with

[ / spoiler ]

Make sense?


Anyway, I have a question about late game armor's as well.

So, what are all of the xenonaut armors in the game? I know basic, jackal, wolf, and somewhat about buzzard, but what are the others?


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The other 2 armors i am aware of are the colosus and sentenel, the only problem with the colosus is that its only good till you get the sentenel (which has better mobility, sight range, equal strength with only a slight reduction in protection (in my experience)

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