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[MAJOR SPOILERS] Questions for those that have gotten farther in the game than I

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Hi guys!

So, I'm tired of having incomplete information regarding various things (since I've actually played very little of the game, as far as going for a long time in a single save goes), so I've got a few questions to ask:

So, what are all the armors in the game? There's the blue jumpsuit, Jackal, Wolf, Buzzard, Predator, and what else? And what all does predator armor do?

What is the assault shield? Just a beefed up combat shield? When/how do we get that?

Also, what are all the "different" non-standard names for weapons in later tiers? Like, the laser LMG is called the scatter-laser, right? (Personally, to me that sounds too much like a laser-shotgun (see scatter-gun), but whatever). If it's just called a MAG Pistol, then that's easy and I don't need to know that.

What are all the weapons that the aliens use?

And what kinds of aliens are there?

Sebillians, Caesans, the disk-drone things, reapers, I've heard about wraiths but never seen them, androns sound like cybermen or something but I've never seen them either. What else?

What kinds of human aircraft are there? Interceptors and dropships.

What kind of ground vehicles are there? I've heard of hyperion tanks, are those the top tier ones?

How does the dropship (shrike?) with the drop pods work? Are those effective? Can it carry vehicles?

I think that's it for now. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. ;)

Thanks All!

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Actually I was thinking about this for when I get back to the game, it might help the testing community if we had a stickied thread for each release where people post their late-game saves, so that others can try them out without burning through the whole game. I think we will end up with a better balanced endgame if more people have the chance to try it out.

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Sentinel armor is buzzard plus some protection.

Predator is heavy weapons only, no grenades, other weapons, medkits, etc.

Wraiths are a pain right now since they can teleport several times per round and shoot. I believe they are paired with Androns, though it's been a while.

I think the hyperion tanks are just below Hovertanks, but I never build vehicles so... all I can say is previous vehicles aren't necessary for later ones. I got the hovertank first, then the tank, then the hunter.

Shrike is a regular dropship with a slight speed boost and 12 soldier slots. The next one gets the drop pods and 16 slots.

Edit: oh and drop pods work like that starting area inside an alien base when you get a deploy round. You deploy, but over a much much larger area. I like it, some people don't.

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Harridans are aliens that are meant to have jump-packs, but don't use them. They are equipped with either sniper plasma or plasma cannons. Nasty buggers, with their good reaction scores and sight range.

Predator can walk through walls like Androns do (Androns don't understand the concept of a 'door').

Assault shield is a beefed up combat shield. Comes after Landing ships.

Only the MG-type weapons have non-standard names. Scatter Laser, Plasmacaster, Magstorm. Everything else is a 'tier' 'weapon', except the sniper-types which are precision 'tier'.

Yeah, Wraiths are pretty much only with Androns. They're both hard to kill, with the Wraiths being the better shots. They also look pretty gnarly. Only alien types your list is missing is the other 2 drones.

Alien weapons are Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Heavy Plasma Rifle, Sniper Plasma, Plasma Cannon, Battle Rifle. Battle Rifles are pretty nasty and powerful weapons.

Only 3 vehicles. Hunter, Scimitar and Hyperion.

Interceptors are Condor, Foxtrot, Corsair, Marauder and Fury. Dropships are Chinook, Shrike and Valkyrie.

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Predator armor is not fixed yet (v18hf3) for walking though all walls. Also, the Valkyrie is the dropship with the pods. Building one can result in a CTD, and using it will definitely, so it is not air-worthy just yet.

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you can check all content inside your game folder, including all descriptions and images, they not packed and png\xml format readable without anything special.

currently game feature too much placeholders, anything can change any moment, just like fighter system changed with exp3

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