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It's the Stinky's terrible maps thread.

Ol' Stinky

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Thanks for verifying that, now I can go ahead and try to kludge together a more suitable door for the house, as well as more suitable windows for a redbrick house.

Also, I've stopped being a bum and have a Dropbox account. I'm Old Stinky on there, too.

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I guess that movie Signs was wrong, aliens seem to love the swimming pools! I'm going to PM you the details after I write this up.

I've not updated the .zip, but I am still working on stuff. Here, I'll prove it.

I've put in new doors/windows to allow redbrick homes, as at the moment they're meant for non-residential stuff. Here's Stinkhouse B:


The garden's a bit empty, I'll probably put a shrub or ten in there. But more importantly, you can see I combined the windows and doors from the cheap white-wooden (can't remember the proper name for it atm) style town houses with redbrick. The spectres are up and running, too; they work as you'd expect. Windows shatter and allow sight, doors open. I still need to do mid windows as well as roof-ends to finish the set, but I'm forcing myself to move on for the time being. If I don't, I'll end up making different wallpapers for all the rooms, and not maps.

I'm also working on something else to make town maps a bit easier to put together. Take a look at this screenshot and please tell me whether the tile I put in is too hideous or not, as I can't be objective. If a non-mapmaker can't actually see what I'm talking about, say so because that'd make my day. I know Flash will see what I included. (;


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I realised when typing up that post this morning that it's been, what, three days or so since I released a map? While I've been mucking around with spectres and hacking up the game's artwork, that still seems like too long. So to make it up to you, here's three more farm maps. They're more of the same, just different layouts. There's two version of a 60x60 (so one lightscout, one scout/corv) and one 70x70 (cru/lship). Re-download Stinky Maps 2 to get 'em.

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Dont worry about maps, more submaps make mapping easier. I have been busy with work all week... A bad week!!! and not mapped much. But I have played some of the game to try the maps out for real.

BTW that is 1 big tile you added!! The colour seems to blend well, however the straight lines contrast against the curves of the tile opposite it. To be a fussy git i would say that if you were to do a markII then make the edge more curved.

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Hm, yeah. Still, since MkI seems to have passed the smell test, I'll probably leave the curved/better blended version for later. I'm not even sure I can make a curved one that's convincing enough, to be honest. Bear in mind that before Monday, the most I ever used paint-like programs for was shrinking down screenshots. An artist I ain't.

I figured that since I made a few farm maps, I might as well do the same for arctic. I wasn't satisfied with how my random arctic forest submaps turned out. They don't really change all that much. So I went back to farm's playbook: I created a random "snowfield" submap for the arctic tileset. There's currently 20 of them, and hopefully they do a better job of making each playthrough feel a little different than Thickforest did. I made some maps to showcase Arctic_RandomPropSnowField_15x15_Stinky which are now in Stinky Maps 2: Cruiser/Lship ColdStink 2, 3 and 4, and Lscout/Scout/Corv ColdStink 4. Give them a shot. I think I quickbattled them all, shrike + valk.

Tomorrow I'll go back to working on town stuff.

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Before I go to bed, I fixed a couple of problems with existing farm maps.

- On the sct/corv version of FarmStink 6, I removed the hedge that causes problems with corvs.

- There were a couple of alien spawns that were wrong, they've been moved or removed.

I refreshed Stinky Maps 2 with these changes just now.

When I come back to farm for real, I'll probably add a rough grass submap that I can scatter to make the grass around buildings more common on the map as a whole. I'll also add tiled rooftops to farmhouses, make the various facility buildings entirely wooden and not the unhappy brick/wood meld, add a couple more random submaps to the existing lot, and maybe reduce some of the building placements in the existing maps.

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OK, so today has been my sub-map day and I've downloaded your files and had a look at the submaps there too.

The Town tileset was interesting. I really like the idea of the swimming pool, so I've tweaked that a bit by replacing the roof and floors, changing the windows a bit and making the layout a little bit less congested. That's going in the game now, it'll be a great centrepiece for a Medium size terror map or above. Good idea, and I like the way you used the brick columns and the yellow lockers in particular. Nice work.

Your house with the little garage attached, surrounded by a fence is quite nice. I don't think that tileset works so well as a house so I'm not including it, but it's a honorable mention.

Like the Arctic tileset outposts too, actually. At first glance I thought they were too big, but once I've had a look inside the 20x20 ones I've changed my mind (the 30x20 ones are too big tho). I've modified one a bit, and added an inaccessible empty level on top of it so the roof looks less completely empty. I think that works pretty well. Your other 20x20 variant would work pretty well if it was dealt with similarly too.

Also, remember, there are red tiles for the outposts too. Not every building needs to be blue! Even doing red variants of existing buildings would do a lot to make things look more interesting!

For the farm, the way you've used the grass is interesting. I actually didn't realise I had those sprites, so I'll probably borrow that trick off you for future. Your outbuildings are quite interesting, but they don't quite work for me. I think it's the roofs. I'll think about it tho, as we do need a way to build smaller buildings than the barn so we can add a bit of variation to farm maps.

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Thanks for checking out my stuff!

Flash brought this up, and since I haven't yet made the change(s), it's worth passing on - the arctic outpost needs to have more than a one tile entrance, as it's possible for a civ to block the entrance as it is, and that's really annoying. Granted that's partly because I spawn the civs near the entrance.

Honestly? All of my rooftops need work. As far as town goes, I will be going back and adding sloped roofs to the houses. I'm unsure what to do about the farm buildings' rooftops, though. I like walking around on the roofs, but that means no sloped rooftiles. But no sloped rooftiles look naff. Hm.

Also, there's a secret red arctic outpost in the random snowfield submap. I didn't think a dev would look at my submaps so I kept it as a surprise for someone! I might as well post a pic, I guess, because I agree, the red tielset does look very cool indeed. It's Arctic_PropSnowFieldP_15x15_Stinky if anyone wants to place it down as a definite feature in a map.


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There just aren't enough hours in the day.

Right, I've not managed to get everything done that I wanted to, but I've updated Stinky Maps 2 a second ago and here's where we stand. I've updated UrbanStink 1:

  • The official swimming pool submap is in.
  • Placeholder house to the east of the swimming pool has finally been bulldozed. The swimming pool now has a carpark.
  • I felt that the map was too open, so I placed high walls down around the park (and car park). It's not cramped by any means, but it shouldn't be snipersville to the same degree.
  • Mid windows have been installed in Stinkhouse B, which is the redbrick house on the east side.

Unfortunately I didn't get to finish everything I wanted to. So, for the record, here's a to-do list.

1) Car park lines need to blend with the concrete.

2) Proper rooftops for the houses.

3) Most of the greybricks to be replaced with redbricks.

4) Up/down driveway/sidewalk tiles.

5) Tweaks to the square corners.

6) Finish the new grass edge tiles I was working on. The version I had didn't quiiiite work.

7) End parts for the tall brick wall.

8) Up/down cars.

9) Cars in the car park.

I'll work on it over the coming week.

Flash, I don't think I can update the com pack 2 with the latest stuff. I did put it all in com pack 1.1, hopefully all you need to do is transfer it from there to the latest com pack.

I'm out of time and need to pop out for a few hours. When I get back I'll post screenshots. Post if the map doesn't work or if there are bits missing, chances are I've mucked up putting everything in the .zip.

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OK I take that back... I had to remove the updated version because Urban StinkhouseB is missing.

I will hold back on adding it to the pack until everything is finished. Once it is finished you should add it as Urbanstink2. That way you can keep the original as a variant.

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Sorry about that. Added StinkHouseB and the updated map on Dropbox.

I'm also gonna put stuff in the review section tomorrow, like the vehicle-friendly ColdStink 2 and the outpost maps with the official version of the submap.

Edited by Ol' Stinky
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I will update the CMP to V3 next weekend. That is when your revised map will go live. I am trying to avoid making people download to often, unless a killer bug or error is found.

I have also added the original stinkyurban1 as stinkyurban1.1 (with new pool). This way people get more variety. I have also grown quite fond of Urban stink 1 as I have killed me lots of reapers there :)

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Sinky I like the way that your arctic submaps rotate with props etc, however, I think one of us will need to do a couple of changes for CMP because I have now had a level full of arctic buildings and a level of total blankness.

I think if you set it up so you had 3 version of the props it would work more reliably. Create a rotation that always guarantees a spawn and put these between ones that dont always spawn. Have a 3rd spawn type that could have a building in it, but make it a separate propfield_chance_builiding so that you know the maximum number of buildings that will spawn.

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That's a good idea. I'll split them before I submit the arctic maps for review.

Talking of which, I've put up three maps for review: UrbanStink2 (60x60, Corv/LShip) and FarmStink1 (60x60, Lscout + Sct/Corv). All three have been quickbattled.

After spending a lot of my spare time in paint.net, I wanted a bit of a break, so although I tweaked some stuff (such as removing the fence from the tall red wall and flipping mazdas to make the missing NW version) I spent my free time today making UrbanStink 2 for the most part. The grey buildings in the south are a placeholder.

And, uh, I kinda made a bit of a mess in the review maps folder. I pasted the tiles into the maps and the maps into the tiles. Although I realised what I'd done and have since put the folders in the right place, I don't have permission to delete the redundant stuff. I have mentioned that I'm an idiot, right? Because I am an idiot. Sorry about that.

I need to update the submaps and tiles spreadsheets, I'll do that in a bit as I'm now getting grief from people for not being social.

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It's not by choice! Thanks for tidying up my mess, by the way.

The submaps/tiles are just for stuff that the maps use, right? If it's a "I want people to really look at this" and not a "this happens to be in the map" thing, I'll leave 'em blank for now.

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