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Milestone 2 Launch Date: 29th November


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Quick announcement for everyone - our Milestone 2 update is due to go live for everyone on 29th November!

Although the update is content complete and we were originally planning to launch it today, we've decided to push back the release by a week because the Steam Autumn Sale is starting today - it's never a good idea to push out a huge update that might cause stability issues just before a major sale. A second benefit is that delaying the update also gives our localisation partners time to translate the new content.

However, anyone that wants to try the new update can switch onto the Experimental branch right now and start playing. Your save games will carry over to the public version of Milestone 2 once it releases, as the only changes we'll be making in the next week are bugfixes and translation updates.

A big thanks to everyone who has helped us test Milestone 2 on the Experimental branches over the past four weeks, we really appreciate it!

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Good morning everyone
A question when you finish with xenonauts 2 could try to improve a little xenonauts 1 as they have some bugs that when the enemy's turn ends the steps are still heard, also I wondered if you could add more languages and improve a little the graphics of the game and the artistic design of aircraft, alien ships and soldiers.
From there xenonauts 2 I'm liking how they are developing it.

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