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[Ground combat] Heavily damaged UFOs


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Hey, hope this was not discussed earlier but my search found nothing.

Suddenly came to my mind that there should be a chance that heavily damaged UFOs should not have power source working and this means that

1 - they should be completely dark inside

2 - doors should have have to be opened forcefully (this will cost more time and generate loud sound) and they should not close at the end of turn

What it should bring us?

1 - atmosphere - just imagine how exciting it would be searching unknown dark UFO where some angry alien scum could be waiting for you! We will have to use flares or some searchlights in order to see something.

2 - "realism" - it's more real that there will be dark inside and nothing will work if power source is off. I doubt aliens will use some glowing material or whatever.

What do You say guys?

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Maybe it should not even be so hard to implement. Game light engine should take care of lighting itself, developers will have just include this "lighting-off probability" to the game and just lower light generated in UFO when this situation is going to happen.

Or I am completely wrong of course...but I really like my idea :D

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