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First Impression, key points, etc


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1) I just pre-ordered the game last night. I spent a couple minutes on it so far

and this is... sorta a review.

2) Excellent graphics and music from start screen to geoscape and base building

and such.

3) xenopedia, I can't scroll through it using arrow keys or mouse scroller.

4) when I double-click one of my soldiers names in the personnel area, the game


5) the cursor can be very difficult to see at times

6) I don't know how much my base is going to cost to build

7) Craft autocannon.... why is it 399 rpm? Why not just make it 400? lol.

8) Also, 5kg is very heavy for an assault rifle (I'm imagining like AR15 or M16,

etc). I know a game like this is difficult to build around reality, but 4kg

would be more accurate.

9) I clicked on a building in the base, then I right-clicked on it (the hanger

on the top-right) and it said I couldn't demolish it. I exited to geoscape,

then went back to the base and when I right-click, it doesn't say anything.

it'll only allow me to demolish the two radars, and the medical center

10) when the "do you want to demolish this building" box comes up, ESC should

cancel, not bring to geoscape.

11) I booted the game up and immediately went to load my save file. I loaded and

many of the tabs wouldn't work. I couldn't go to Bases or Research (the only

two I tried). I built a new base, then I could go to Bases. I reloaded the

file and then I had access to everything again.


It happened a second time after the game crashed. I assume the soldiers area

isn't complete to a playable degree. It ALWYAS crashes. Anyways, I booted up

and loaded my game, and none of the options on the top (Bases, Research,

Workshop, or Xenopedia) were click-able. I had to click Build New Base, then

Right-click to cancel it.

11) Is there going to be a more efficient method to transfering resources and

such between bases? I remember it was frustrating as hell to transfer

hundreds of Elerium for instance to another base.

12) UFO detection read 110M and it was actually a little difficult to read. Is it

possible to rework the font or something so that there is at minimum a small

gap (doesn't have to be the size of _space_) so that M can be distinguished

from a number more easily. Also, the 1's don't help. I can imagine getting

like 3x 1's next to each other.... lol. It looks very sleek though, but there

has got to be a way to make it more functional without taking away from the

look and design.

13) How would I modify a squadron? I sent all my aircraft all together at a

target... the Chinook slowed them all way down. lol. I didn't realize it

until it was too late to turn back.

14) Is there a way to view the local funding? For instance, where can I see how

much funding I'm going to get from the local governments of a particular

area, aside from the "monthly report" screen?

15) Need an instruction manual on the flying combat. I haven't put much time into it, but they always dodge my attacks. Lol.

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3. Known bug. It'll be fixed, but its not a major priority at the moment.

4. Also known. I thought that got fixed but maybe not.

5. Good to note.

6. That's a good point!

7. *shrug*

8. Also *shrug*. Its not that important.

9. It wont let you demolish stuff in use, but dismantling buildings hasn't really been tested much. Make a bug report.

10. As above.

11. Yeah, its an odd bug. V8.0 had it too. Its been reported. There's a bug in V8.1 to do with accessing the soldier equip screen, it should be fixed in the next build.

You've got #11 up twice. As for the transferring, add it in the suggestions thread.

12. Again, add it in the suggestion thread.

13. Can't at the moment. Squadrons are made at launch only. I think its planned to be able to combine groups in flight if they're small enough (max 3 per wing) but that might get complicated to code.

14. Mouse-overing a region will give a little funding report in the top right corner (it replaces the current finding/expenditure blurb). Having a funding screen would be good to add though.

15. Common complaint, someone should really make an instruction thread/wiki page.

And for the last one, you should have gotten an email from Desura about it if you're legacy, otherwise I think you can do it through Desura.

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