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Civilians move all at once.

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I notice the time taken in Civilian/Military turns, each unit must move separately, how about just issuing move commands all at once, have camera fixed/free-roam at original place unless alien is spotted.

I know already this can be done as I issue multi orders to soldiers and they execute over top of each other so figured this may be useful as some maps simply have heaps of civilians and it be nice to just get their moves done all at once. Don't tell me the PC can't handle the processing LOL.

Perhaps for testing this can be a option ingame settings? Incase it turns out disastrous, somehow.

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You could pause the civilian being reaction fired upon and allow others to move at same time, unless they are reaction fired upon also. The speed thing would be a good first step however. It also be nice if there was a option to Disable Auto-Focus on moving unseen civilians.

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The difficulty would be reaction fire etc. I think it'd be better to offer options on how fast the civilians move etc so the player can change them to their own preferences.

Just pause all the civilians while any reaction fire is occurring. Surviving units then continue on their path till they all finish or get another reaction fire.

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