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[V22.6] (Ground Combat) Laser LMG ammo usage


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Yes, that get announced in the Previous Variants of the V.22-Version too with the Ammo and Infantry-Laser MG. And I noticed it to since my first Long-Gameplay with V.22.5.

Atm. you have only that Choise with more Magazines or switching to the Gauss-Weapons asap after you have the first Infantry-Laser-Tech.

It seems that we have to wait for an other Hotfix (V.22.7) or the new V.23-Version, which solves that and some other Laser-Weapon-Problems (like f.e. the upgraded Infantry-Lasers / No Laser-Gun for the Airforce).


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On 11/30/2021 at 11:32 AM, meddog50 said:

I noticed that when using the laser LMG the ammo count for a full mag is 15. After first burst count is down to 5 and must be reloaded again before it can fire. At this rate gunner would need to carry 10 mags to be of any worth.



That's a good point. Thanks. I'll bump the ammo capacity up to 30.

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