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  1. Alienkiller thank you for that . But I have to remember that my comments are going towards the playability of a game. A game that when it goes hot we have all had a little part of.
  2. Chris, In regards to my last post. Sorry sometimes I let my past get in the way. I get what you are to doing, and I am all in. The best squad tactical games build a narrative as the game goes on. We become attached to are soldiers. At mission complete the AI fleshes out our survivors (promote and plus up). And we adjust as we go on. I think that the stress and panic system adds so much to fleshing out the Xenonauts. Can't wait for the finished product.
  3. Chris I can tell you this from my own experiences that I believe these things most effect a soldiers state of mind back in base camp and answering the call for the next mission. 1. Fellow soldier KIA 2. Fellow soldier KIA by friendly fire. 3. Fellow soldier seriously wounded. 4. Length of mission 5. Successful mission (whatever the objective) 6. Consecutive missions Notes. If you talk with most combat soldiers they will tell you. Close combat is a very personal event. Its kill or be killed. Body counts were more a propaganda thing used at higher levels to boost moral back home. If Xenonaut soldiers are earths elite they are not going to break on the battlefield (except alien mind control). When its going hot and heavy, training takes over. Your running on auto pilot. Its back at base camp it all sets in. That's when it all starts to pile up.
  4. meddog50

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Point well taken, and I could not agree with you more. When PUBG first came out some of the situations in that game were just too real for me. If I wanted to play a FPS game Call of Duty was a great fall back. Not very realistic (not like killing aliens is) but mindless fun. Everyone has their own flavor of entertainment. I think the Devs hardest job is to insure that the players keep coming back for more. Anyone who is following these posts is already sold on this game. All they are waiting for is to see the way it all shakes out. I have read so many posts on what should and should not be, and that's great. This is why there is beta playtesting and this forum. Everyone who is a play tester should take the time to report bugs and voice their opinions. Somewhere in the middle of that will be the final product. I too can't wait for the finished product and the surprises that await. When this game goes live its going to be great game that will provide hours of entertainment for those who jump in.
  5. meddog50

    V17 [Ground Combat] Game CDT

  6. meddog50

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    As I see it when playing this game I am assuming the roles of three people. First I am directing the earths response to the invasion at a Strategic level . I must get the best bang for the buck while not forgetting that this could and hopefully will be a long campaign. I must choose where to build bases and what assets go where. Then decide where I should best to put efforts in R&D. As the tactical commander I must decide (within economic restraints ) where to best place my troops to respond to terror attacks, assault alien bases and the occasional foray to a downed UFO. All this while still being able to defend the bases from alien assaults. This is a juggling act, keeping enough mission capable (stress) troops that can respond as needed. I believe this is the most thought provoking and enjoyable element of this game. And finally as the squad leader I must first select the squad per mission requirements. Equip them as needed and finally deploy them to close with and destroy the aliens ( the fun part). I am sure I missed some key elements but the bottom line is this is a wonderful game. I am not looking for an easy game that I can beat out of the box. I want something I have to come back to and try this or that. I want something that I think about when I have idle time. Don't get me wrong I do want to be able to beat this game. But not without effort and hairpulling. I think the Dev's have done a great job and come so far since X1. I have over 400 hours playing X1 and another 247 with X2 so I have tried many different strategies. Tweaking the balances here and there might be needed but I find this game extremely enjoyable and will recommend it to others when it goes hot.
  7. meddog50

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Body count never counted at the squad or platoon level. For that matter at even the battalion level. The only thing that mattered was we finished the mission and most important brought all our guys back to base camp Maybe the Devs could do something with a monthly body count / mission completion number for a small panic reduction worldwide
  8. meddog50

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    I have been following all the post on this subject and feel it is time for me to chip in. I am a 30 years Army veteran with 3 tours of combat as a Airborne Lite Infantryman. I can't tell you how many patrols I was on(over 50 I would guess) or later that I led. What I can tell you is that I felt the effects of each and every one. When the mission is over and you return to base camp yes there is a relief. But what you carry with you (especially if it was a bad ) stays for a while. You can see it in your buddies eyes and the way they act. Everyone is effected in different ways, but make no mistake we are human beings, we were all effected. As a Platoon Sgt. I would insure that the Platoon Ldr.(Lt) was not always dumping on the same squad. Its very easy to pick your best all the time but they wont be able to answer the call after long. With this being said in my opinion I believe that the stress level is pretty accurate as is. It takes time in base camp to let some of the stress pass. If due to mission requirements we were sent on back to back to back missions (yes its happened several times) we were non mission capable for at least two weeks afterwards. That's why higher HQs sees the big picture and plans ahead. The rule of thumb is never commit more than 2/3 of your force to any battle. You have to be able to respond to the next. I think that the stress factor added to X2 adds that element of planning ahead and taking care of your troops. If you tweak the stress balance in the game please don't change it much because I think its very realistic as is.
  9. During ground combat ( UFO crash site ) the program has repeatedly CDT during the friendly hidden movement phase. I don't hear any firing or explosions so I can only assume its not combat related. This has occurred several times on different missions. I have backed out of a mission to see if it was map related with same results on a different map. output.log
  10. meddog50

    Game play Panic and Economics

    As the game stands now I last about 5 months and its over. I have tried 5 different strategies to stay in the game but end up in the same place come end of May. I completely agree with Dren608 that the panic and economic balances need to be tweaked before this game goes into early release. I too go back to the early days of Avalon Hill gaming. I find this game totally enjoyable and immersing while frustrating the hell out me due to the balance. I get it, that's what we are here for . I have read some great ideas in this post (Dren608). Thanks for letting me vent.
  11. yes you are 100% correct only goes into hickup mode on missed shots. Thanks
  12. As of yet I have only developed the Laser LMG. So ?
  13. During Ground combat when soldier fires Laser LMG game does not crash but goes into a slow motion until shooting sequence is over. Oddly this does not happen every time Laser LMGs are used. user_save_3-3.json
  14. I have rerun from Save 1 four times and the game always crashes at the completion of the medical room I cancel build on medical room and game runs fine Rebuild medical room and again crash at completion. Also stress is not being removed from soldiers. It says 2 points of stress removed per day but it is not happening. Cant go any farther until fixed. user_save_1-1.json