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  1. Thanks for the detailed update. Sounds really good. I'm really eager for v24 but more than willing to wait for quality. The game is fleshing out nicely. Thanks again
  2. roxxed, It might be a little late in the ball game but I love that idea.
  3. Just shortly before the CTD, I took down two UFOs using the auto resolve. This all went without incident. In both cases I grabbed the cash and did not send a dropship. A third UFO appears, as it is about to enter my radar range the game CTD. I hope this helps in some way. Otherwise the game has played without any hiccups at all. I am enjoying the new twists . This game has come a long way.
  4. Chris I too have had the CTD on day 173 for no apparent reason at all. Game was playing perfect up to that point. output.log_1.916ec665eb793df354f53c19602d0a71
  5. During second alien turn of cleaner infiltrator mission, game stalls and will not progress. All on screen troops are still animated. Possible smoke issue. output.log_1.ef70b06fd999582885c60c10867ea8a6 auto_groundcombat_turn_2_end-200.json
  6. After completing a cleaner mission the extraction buttons fail to appear when the troops reenter the drop ship. output.log_1.3e61ec0b008f9777411bc821452023a0 user_day_36_cleaner_intelligence_hub_manual_save-4.json
  7. I have been following along this thread and have read many interesting ideas. The thing to remember is that the mission always determines the posture. As I see it during ground combat the AI has two types of missions (offensive and defensive ). Then the Commanders intent, terrain, troops, equipment and time are going to drive the tactics used Example: AIs Defensive posture mission : Defend vital tech in a downed UFO until recovery ship arrives. AIs tactics : Use covering terrain around downed UFO to offer best defensive odds. Make the Xenonauts move to contact. Ambush from cover. Only move to fall back while maintaining perimeter. Short range weapons used inside the UFO. Example: AIs Offensive posture missions : Terror or Abduction missions. AIs tactics : Use highest rate of fire along with best ranged weapons to support the assault All others close with and kill (assault fire) or capture the enemy Little attention is paid to terrain. This may sound stupid but its about shock and awe. I guess there is a third type mission : Base defense. Being that this is the alien's turf I think the way the AI is now set works reasonably well. Any trained military should perform per it's current mission posture. The problem that arises in a game is it becomes predictable and then redundant. So my question is - Is what we have now though maybe not tactically correct, the most enjoyable (because of unpredictability) way to go? I am not sure if any of this applies, makes any sense from a game play point of view or is even possible from the coders side. But speaking as a 30 year combat vet "sometimes its the makes no sense actions ( if it works that's how hero's are born) that work the best. This game has come a long way and I'm sure whatever is decided it will only enhance what is an already good game
  8. I'm all for the latest version hitting the circuit. I look forward to where the game is heading. I think you missed the whole point of my last post. I simply tried to say that every playtester has a right to their opinion, good or bad about the game. I believe that this forum should be used to reach out to THE DEVELOPEMENT TEAM . As I said food for thought.
  9. Alienkiller, I don't understand why YOU feel it necessary to comment on every little thought that other playtesters make about this game. We all understand what Chris says, or doesn't in his updates. We all have a right to our opinions as to what direction the game is going. It doesn't matter what anyone says. We are all thinking out loud. Just providing food for thought. If Chris wants to take a suggestion from a playtester, that's his decision not yours. If he feels the need to breakdown a feature in the game again, that's his purgative.
  10. Chris , Thanks for the update. Its nice to hear directly from the horses mouth. I am looking forward to the new and updated features. Thanks again.
  11. So I have been quietly following along here for the past four months. Riding the center of the fence and waiting for the time I felt driven enough to air my thoughts. Well here goes. I have around 150 hours of playtesting X 2 . So I have given plenty of time to form an opinion on and about this game. From what I was able to play I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Finding ways around the bugs and crashes seemed almost normal. Restarting from scratch with very release and Hotfix all in the name of keeping earth alien free. If it sounds like I'm complaining I'm not. That's what you should expect if one is willing to put time in as a play tester. I have been on board with this from way back in 2016 ( six years ago) when it was a single combat mission. Six years is a long time. Up to four and a half months ago I checked for a new release or hotfix daily ( if not more ). Now I maybe check once a week. There has not been anything ( new version or hotfix ) from the Devs since mid November. I find that very odd . We get an occasional " here's what we have been working on" . But otherwise not much else, unless you read what a certain play tester says the dev's are doing. Must have a hotline to the game studio. What I really want to say is simply my drive for this game is dwindling. I'm sure I am not the only one who is scratching their head wondering what is going on. A little (official) information please, to keep the juices flowing. I don't claim to know every exact thought (as some do ) of what the Devs have in mind. What I do know is that this will be a great game if enough people stay interested.
  12. I noticed that when using the laser LMG the ammo count for a full mag is 15. After first burst count is down to 5 and must be reloaded again before it can fire. At this rate gunner would need to carry 10 mags to be of any worth. user_day_216_abduction_manual_save-10.json output.log_1.066c04cf69ebc182d4f935a187c7e461
  13. While in the geoscape screen, I have had the game CTD 3 times. Always on day 146. To my knowledge I have done nothing unusual nor am I using any mods. output.log_1.3932d9541d91810929d45b96dbba11a4 user_day_135_manual_save-3.json
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