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[V11.3 Combat] Can't put down a weapon

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See screenshot.  I pick up another weapon and attempt to put down the current weapon on the ground.  Even with all action points available, the game acts like I don't have enough to put the weapon down.  I went through half a dozen different setups: different kinds of weapons, different soldier, etc.  No luck.  I could only put down the smoke grenade, not the ammo, med pack, etc.  Note that this guy has a -13 TU penalty, from carrying both guns, so maybe that's what's doing it?  Seems to me I read about this before, but I can't face reading through 400 pages that mention "drop" or "weapon."  "Can't drop weapon" got 0 results.




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Thanks. That's also a bug in the current version of the game - I know because I noticed it myself a few days back and asked one of the coders to look into it as part of his work on V13.

Just out of curiosity, is there a reason why you're playing with V11.3 rather than V12 at the moment? Isn't V12 the latest version on the Experimental branch?

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