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Xenonauts-2 January Update

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Early Access will come after the Game is stable and everything which have to come in (like the Modular-Things, new Geoscape-Events etc.). There is much new in the Game and the Devs will change some things (like the Base Buildup and Base Management = the ATLAS-Base from Kickstarter isn´t there anymore). Such things and many new things which get in have to be Beta-Tested for a longer time. All that things have to be Stable and therfore we Beta-Testers are there.

The Devs could be like big Game Companys and say the Game is half Ready, get it out. We all know that such Games are only Shopkeepers for a realistic Gamer which is waiting over 14 or 15 Years (like for UFO2Extraterestials, which will come End of May) for a good to very good Game, which is fully playable, over 90 % Bugfree etc.

If you young Guys have the Experiance like we old Gamers which have seen the full History of Computergaming from beginning on (the first Games were comming on C64 and such Platforms on a System like MS-DOS where you had to start the Game with the correct English Startingorders) then you woud have patience. And the First Games on PC, Amiga were only Keybord and your Brain (mostly in English). The Translations in German, Russia, France etc. come later.  

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I am actually going to wait until the game is finished before I play. I don't mind waiting to get a better experience.



That being said I still enjoy reading dev notes/updates and such

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