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In the Defence of Armour

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On ‎6‎/‎6‎/‎2020 at 4:28 AM, Bobit said:

Exactly, that's like 10 different random status effects, pretty complex. If you just throw those on a random roll and they just last a turn, that's going to add very little depth and maybe just luck. Random status effects aren't bad, but they should consist of a few distinct categories which change your strategy in interesting ways, like engine or rudder damage on a plane, or retreating.

How is what I described a random status effect?

It's not random (depends on what is hit and how hard) and it doesn't last a turn. A crippled arm doesn't heal itself in a turn or two.



Complexity usually adds depth. It's just that other kinds of complexity could add more depth. For example instead of working on making this and explaining it to users, they could add variable squadsize/equipment missions or a loot-based research tree that's more of a research web like OpenXCOM mods do.

That is a terrible way. Not only is it less coherent and sensible to have random, pointless limits like that, but it also screams ARTIFICAL. OR are you telling me you wouldn't have to explain that to the users, but something as natural as bleeding or broken arm is too complex to understand?

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We could test the new Armor-System and Weapons-System since the Weekend more or less.

It works very good for both sides. Example Cevlar-Vest vs. Alien Magnetic Weaponry (Pistols / Rifles).

The Beginning Tactical Suit is Armor-Level 1 and only to see as Clothes with little Protection.

The Beginning Tactical Suit with the Cevlar-Vest is Armor-Level 2 and gives 20 Extra-Hitpoints.

The beginning Alien-Magnetic-Weapons (Pistols / Rifles) are Level 1 Weapons and do per Shot 30 Damage.

That means that a Soldier with Cevlar-Vest can absorb 1 direct hit and gives then no Protection anymore. The same would happen to the beginning Standard-Weaponry you have with lesser Damage to the first Alien-Magnetic-Weapons.

Beta 13 is the first Big Refit-Version to existing Betas and need some Hotfixes for the 3 Main Bugs we found already (Mission-Complete to Geoscape, Armor-Change to fighter Aircraft and the Countdown-Missions).

After a Hotfix is there we can test more, esp. with upgraded Armors, Weapons and the new implementations.



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Posted (edited)

Two values: Armor threshold. Armor effectiveness.


Armor threshold determines the amount of damage something has to do to actually do damage. Example:

Pistol does 10 damage to 15-armor. Zero damage.

Next pistol damage rolls 22. 22 damage.

This lets you get those sweet sweet no-damage pop-ups, and if you go through the armor, you get to do damage. Getting to do damage is so much better than hitting 1s and 2s.


Armor effectiveness provides %reduction after damage threshold. Gives all armor a minimum effect.

Pistol rolls 22 damage to 50% effective armor. (22 * 0.5 =) 11 damage.


Weapons can get a penetration value which directly negates the %reduction of armor effectiveness.

Shotgun has 0-armor penetration. Rolls 80 damage against 50% armor. Does 40 damage.

Sniper rifle has 40-armor penetration. Rolls 80 damage against 50% armor. (50% - 40% = 10%) Does 72 damage.


Ablative armor is nice from both a realism and a gameplay perspective. Armor does lose its effectiveness when its beat up, but even shattered ceramic plates are better than nothing. Gameplay wise, it's nice when a stray shot doesn't put your guy in the hospital for a few weeks. I think the best solution here is to have a small HP shield on top of health. If you want more realism, you can say that this small shield directly adds to armor threshold and effectiveness until it's gone, ensuring that that armor stats show armor MINIMUM effectiveness. If you want easier to understand simplified, just say that it's additional unhealable HP on top of HP, under the armor system.

All that said, I don't think an X-Com style game really needs an armor system the player can easily understand. It's a very random game with so many interacting systems that it's almost better if the player isn't given full information for how everything works. Just a general idea for how effective things are. This is more of a simulation and less of a game, a toy not a puzzle. A system that feels good is more important than one the player fully understands.

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