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Air Support for lone Chinook

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It seemed kind of weird to me that the troop transport has no means of defense against attack from land or air. The first time my transport got clipped that was a WTF moment. At the very least we had Huey's with "60s" and rocket pods. At most we had A-10 Thunderbolts along. Warthogs ain't pretty but they are ungodly effective. Minigun in the nose with phosphorus rounds will pretty much melt anything it comes in contact with. Slow enough to fly with helicopters. Bad enough to turn anything that tries hurt the escorted "into shit fast" as we used to say. It is well within the time line and can be bought rather than have to be researched.

It can be sent with the Chinook as you would send two or three of your planes to intercept a ufo. Only difference is the icon would remain the helicopter. If a ufo does attack, the air combat screen just pops up as an "oh shit moment". Then let the fun commence. Nothing says the the ufo would not win the engagement but it's better than your Chinook was lost. You spend a lot of time renaming your troops. Making sure they have the right armament for their stats then their just gone seems sort of unrealistic.

If the game is moddable then you might be able to include close air support in terror missions. Doesn't have to have a sprite as much as a calculation in the ground combat screen. If it gets shot out of the sky then the Chinook goes back unescorted then you can sweat

Just a thought....

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But... it is possible to have an escort fly with a chinook already. I can click on a pair of interceptors to join my chinook as a group.

Is it possible to add escorts when the copter is already en-route?

I know you can add them as escorts when back at base, but I though it was impossible when it was already in the air?

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At the moment making a squadron that contains a Chinook is possible but when it gets into air combat you will only have two interceptors, possibly facing three enemies.

Chris has said that he wants to make it possible to have a full squadron of interceptors escorting your dropship though, make those air superiority missions a touch more fair.

You cannot form or reform squadrons once they have launched because of the way the game handles them.

It may be possible to change that but it adds to the workload so the reason for doing it would need to be pretty convincing.

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