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Hills and slopes?

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Hills would be significant in Temperate tilesets too

There is currently no plan for forest (or jungle) afaik, which temperate tilesets are you talking about?

Or are you like me hoping that it will be included and then it would work great in that tileset? :)

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Or are you like me hoping that it will be included and then it would work great in that tileset? :)

This, when I said temperate, I meant the tileset that included the farm, or an expansion of that. Villages would be a nice touch.

I understand what you mean by no forest, as that significantly causes problems with LOS, and the game becomes unplayable (Annoying), but will we see a return of plantations and/or isolated patches of trees.

Speaking of forests, what if it didn't effect LOS, but acts only as a defensive barrier?

I was under the impression Temperate was in fact a tileset in the editor?

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No, the deal with forest isn't LoS issues. Chris didn't feel they could make the trees and bushes and whatnot feel living enough as far as I understood it.

Villages and farmland in western culture is often leveled to make it pretty flat (easier to plow and/or build on), and I have no idea how they would stick a hill in the middle of a town...

I'm not aware of any temperate tileset But that might just be that I missed it. Again what would the temperate tileset be? Temperate is just a climatzone to me, not a description...

As Smilepic says hills are technically not tileset specific... Although they don't make much sense in the industrial tileset for example..

I think Chris showed a screenshot of a hill somewhere. forgot in which thread it was though... probably one of the announcement threads.

PS. Ugh I'm so tired the post sometimes makes sense, and sometimes it just seems like inane rambling... I hope someone can dchiper what my sleepy mind´was trying to say.

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I think us Scandinavians have a thing for hills and bays. The town I live in is built on a slope, at the eastern bay of the Great Lake. Lots of smaller communities are built on hills and ridges as well. And most of them carry names to indicate that, translated my hometown actually means Eastbay :P

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