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  1. *Crosses fingers for challenging yet plausible-looking AI in more distant builds*
  2. I think it's an engine feature, not a tileset one.
  3. I remember that there was short discussion about that having "gradual" hills and slopes like in original would be great. Is it actually planned? Tactics would be great even without it, but I think it is an addition worth having.
  4. Voting for slopes and more variable battlefield in general. Considering additional mission types, it seems interesting but hard to balance. Maybe it should be possible to turn them off? Like ufo swarming in Greyfiend's mod for Ufo: ET.
  5. Achieving goal that fast sure is impressive. Makes me wonder how did company survived past 3 years though...
  6. Actually, there already is a project called "Open X-COM". Whether it would be fineshed or not is another question.
  7. It's good to see Xenonauts becoming more and more feature complete.
  8. Let's hope so. It would be very good to see skirmish/multiplayer simmilar to UFO Alien Invasion. Dreams as they are, yes. Personally, I would be ready to pay additional money for this.
  9. Which makes no sense at all. Example: I won't throw my computer away if don't have a power cable yet)
  10. Greetings. I experienced strange "tropgy automanagement" behaviour. There is a savegame attached. It is the first ground combat in the game, so I have no alien corpses or weapons. Steps to reproduce: 1. Load the savegame attached, GROUND_BUG. 2. Finish two aliens visible to xenonauts. 3. Step solders on the bodies and press 'i' to see bodies and weapons on the ground. 4. Press "end turn" button. 5. Report will show that both bodies was destroyed and plasma rifle was sold. I expected bodies and rifle to be kept for research in addition to pistol which actually was kept. [ATTACH]642[/ATTACH] 2012-02-14_23.18.30.sav.zip 2012-02-14_23.18.30.sav.zip
  11. Maybe this was discussed before, but should fog of war really conceal known buildings? This way xenonauts forget even about their own helicopter if they wander far enough.
  12. Greetings. I have a question regarding things and bodies xenonauts revcover from ground mission. Am I correct that some part of it might be lost in transporting? I had a mission where two sebilians were shot and saw both bodies and weapons on a ground via inventory screen. No explosives were used, but mission result screen stated that both corpses were "destroyed". Also, plasma pistol was reported as found and plasma firle was reported as sold. Did I miss something?
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