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  1. Not much to share on my end, to be honest. My entire family do claim to be able to see ghosts, but since I myself never saw any of the dearly departed hanging about, I'm sceptical. Either they're just full of it, or they're not and I just can't see what they can. As for aliens, well, it's a damn big universe out there. I wouldn't be surprised if there's intelligent life somewhere. Not too sure I believe they'd come here and muck about in out fields and night sky though.
  2. I'm inclined to agree with anotherdevil, it's a decent enough game for a shooter. I actually enjoyed the combat somewhat (there is a metric crapton of micromanagement of your agents though). It's just not XCOM. Really, there's nothing in The Bureau of what constitutes XCOM in my opinion (it's also a damn tricky word to spell for a Swede, I'll tell ya). No research, no arms race against the invaders. There's no sense of the aliens "upping their game" and that you're burning your scientists out three times over just to keep up. So yeah, decent enough for a shooter but just not XCOM.
  3. Been a while, but here I am. So, as the title says, the game CTD's whenever I try to assault an alien base. Didn't find this reported anywhere, so figured I'd pull my weight. This has been persistent over several restarts, reloads and validations, so I'm not really sure what's causing it. Thought it might have been the Hunter, but removing that one didn't seem to help at all. Huh, and for some reason I don't have permission to post attachments. Strange that.
  4. Regarding the Mass Effect ranks, aren't those designations rather than ranks? I mean, Shepard's ranks is actually commander, and Anderson is a captain (later admiral), but both are N7 operatives. That aside, might be a tad lackluster aesthetically speaking (X0 - X7 instead of Private, Corporal, what-have-you). On the other hand, it does add some uniqueness to the Xenonauts. Making them feel less like a government agency and more like they do their own thing. I'll be submitting my opinion, it will not be as negative as I had planned (references, HO!). TL;DR - Yeah, I kinda like the X0 - X7 idea now that I think of it.
  5. Probably being my Hunter unloading an entire .50 cal salvo in the back of my machine gunner. The intended target was so confused he just stood there, watching the remains of the poor Xenonaut. Then there's three troopers unloading everything on a Sibellan. For five turns. Lizard must have been laughing his scales off at the ineffectivety of human guns.
  6. Pinetree's mod, as has been mentioned, does add a whole bunch of people. Mainly NATO and Warsaw Pact countries though, so no countrymen of mine there. Not sure where Brazil stood at the time, to be honest. I did find it a tad funny when you'd end up with three Japanese soldiers who all had the same name.
  7. Seesh, don't get all hot and bothered, Mr. Commissar Sir. I stole it fair and square, I did. Speaking of newcommers, I've noticed a lot of new faces about. One could say it's spread like wildfire. EDIT: Oh dangnamit, it's only been a year. Why did the forum tell me two years? I feel cheated now. And give back that weather, thothkins! Over here it ain't nothing but overcast and rain. Northern Swedish summer for you. Not even the aliens bother with this place, just not hot enough for them.
  8. This is like the eternal flame at the top of Mt. Xenonauts, which guides the lost back to the warmth that is this community. It's been two years, and this just never dies. That's gotta be a record of some sort.
  9. Didn't they set them to heal like 5HP or something, with a main focus on stopping bleeding? Rocketeers? Pfah, grenadiers with plasma 'nades is all there is to it! Seriously, my rocketeers always end up being more dangerous for my own people than the aliens. Never trust a racoon with explosives, seems to be the moral of the story here.
  10. I think that is the time until they have a target lock, with the diamond indicating that the selected target is locked. I remember in older builds that if you turned your aircraft too much, the timer would reset. Basically that means that they can be fired as soon as they are in range if the diamond symbol is up. I don't think there were maximum ranges for missiles in older builds though. I actually lost a Condor to a Light Scout in v18 due to the changes they made. Or I'm just bad, but either way.
  11. That is very true. Perhaps I should have phrased it better. What I meant is that when I get Jackal Armour it is actually darn good compared to what I'm facing and had previously, and the same goes for Wolf armour (and that's about as far as I've gotten). So for a time I actually feel like I've levelled the playing field, then in comes the plasma rifle-toting dudes and now the aliens have the upper hand again. At least my progression feels like it matters in Xenonauts, unlike in Oblivion where everything would just always be better than you. Not sure if that last part is true, but it sure felt like it!
  12. I'm pretty sure JA2 had something like that (maybe that was in v1.13 though), or maybe I'm confusing that with the first shot being more expensive TU-wise because the merc actually had to aim his boomstick and all. Maybe it was Silent Storm after all? But I agree, it would be nice to have.
  13. I will do no such thing, Commissar. Your Emperor holds no sway over me! Pretty good gun for melting those metal bawkses of yours though...
  14. And here I was expecting something about the actual game. Maybe it was an ortnok having a go at being literate? All this social media is getting rather tedious anyway. Connect that to this, and while you're at it link in the third one as well. Oh, did we mention that a user friendly interface went out the window? Why go on Facebook or Google+ when I can just come here and have much better conversation (and watch thothkins' latest escapade)?
  15. This. I sorta like the frustration of getting my newest weapons or armour out in the field, only to find that the aliens also up-kitted themselves, leaving us pretty much where we were before but with fancier armour and bigger guns.