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[1.65/X.CE V0.35.0/X-DIVISION 1.00.10] Jaz0/skiller317 Personal Mods


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Well, I'm not able to play much, so I've decided to upload my personal mod which contains lots of  Soviet weapons each with custom sounds and some NATO weapons. This MOD is for those who want a different playstyle early game and it can be used for roleplaying. The soviet weapons and ammo are bulkier and less accurate compared to NATO weapons but provide higher damage and offers armor penetration.

Requires X.CE V0.35.0 or X-DIVISION 1.0.10.

MOD Compatibility: Seems to be compatible with other mods but must be loaded after X-DIV but before XCE.



Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10F6YWX8y-EQLsVjE4wuCbdClFYbvPWml/view

Special thanks:

Charon for helping me reduce file size.

p6kocka for providing backup.

Soviet Weapons:  High damage, high armor mitigation, low accuracy

  • Rifles: AK47, AK74, SKS
  • Carbines: AG-043
  • Shotguns: SAIGA
  • Precision Rifles: KSVK, SVD, Mosin Nagant
  • Pistols: Makarov, Nagant 1895 Revolver
  • SMG: OTs-02 Kiparis, PPSH-41
  • Other: RPG-7

NATO Weapons: Low Damage, little armor mitigation, high accuracy

  • Rifles: M16, M14, HK G41, Galil
  • Machine Guns: M60
  • Carbines: M4, HK G41C, Galil Carbine
  • Shotguns: Saiga, HK FABARM FP6
  • Precision Rifles: Barrett M82A1, Remington 700, PSG1, Galil Sniper
  • Pistols: Colt 1911, S&W M15, Desert Eagle, Glock 17, Beretta M9

Psionics for Xenonauts:

Adds three tiers of Psi Amps mk1, mk2 and mk3 unlocked through research. Each tier boosts the abilities range, radius and damage but requires a corpse of a caesian psion corpse and the previous tier unlocked. The requirements can be edited in researches.xml.


  • Mindblast - stuns a target deals extra damage to robots
  • Pyrokinesis - sets an area on fire
  • Illuminate - lights an area up (used to work but now it doesn't)
  • Kinetic Blast - explodes an area (like a grenade on steroids)
  • Doubt - suppresses a target

Known Issues: Make sure to reload the psi amp in the loadout screen with one of the abilities found under rockets.


You can call in air support using a radio found under the explosives category. Like I said it is very OP but somewhat balanced due to the inaccuracy and how much the radio weighs. May cause lag on older computers.

Atomic Weapons MOD:

Adds two atomic bombs to the game. Has custom audio and has research/manufacturing requirements. Both of which can be viewed in research.xml and manufactures.xml. Also there is "radiation" in the blast zone using the toxic gas effect.

Tranquilizer Guns MOD:

Adds 6 tranquilizer guns 3 rifle tiers and 3 pistol tiers for capturing those pesky aliens. Includes custom sounds, custom projectiles and all the good stuff.

Grenade Launchers MOD:

Adds 4 grenade launchers (m79, HK 69a1, china lake and Milkgor MGL) ballistic tier, laser tier, plasma tier and mag tier. They are unlocked once you research the appropriate weapon tier. All have custom sounds and use 40mm variants of the different grenade tiers.

Known Issues: Make sure to reload the grenade launcher in the loadout screen with one of the 40mm types found under rockets.



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provide new download link
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Interesting to see another mod as cleanly coded as X-Division. Hats off for that.

  • The equipment tooltips dont have a good to look at format, but one.
  • maybe recode the strings ?
  • You could write [X-Division 1.00.10] into the title to indicate it is compatible with it.
    I have run a compability check and it looks there are some X-Division dependencies which cant be erased, which is why it propably won´t work 100% for non X-Division setups.

    Sun Jun 23 09:43:45 2019: MOD ERROR: Element without MODMERGE has both children and attributes: Sound
    Sun Jun 23 09:43:45 2019: MOD ERROR: Merging XML for sounds_gc.xml from mod mods/jaz0 - soviet weapons/ failed.
    Sun Jun 23 09:43:46 2019: MOD ERROR: An element to replace does not exist: Weapon
    Sun Jun 23 09:43:46 2019: MOD ERROR: Merging XML for weapons_gc.xml from mod mods/jaz0 - soviet weapons/ failed.


  • mod priority needs to be above the X-Division main.

Edited by Charon
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Strings are still spaghetti:


You could save 500 mb by making a soldier_spectre instead of shipping all the images. In fact, all the soldier_spectre are already in place, you just need to delete everything else but the spectre.
armour.basic\weapon.forceshield.makarov doesnt have code.

Once you have done that you can have a single 15 mb file for every setup.

Edited by Charon
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26 minutes ago, skilller317 said:

I did not realize that I could only include the specter files. I merged my NATO and Soviet mods together now that the file size is so small. I'm not sure whats wrong with the strings though as they appear fine on my PC. Thanks for your assistance.



Edit: Looks like you fixed that in the latest version, everything appears as it should. Good job.

Edited by Charon
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I am a big fan of this mod and Thank you for the effort it is actually really good.

However I kinda hit a roadblock that may have resoulted from the way I play.

At the moment im in Phase 4 in the game on easy and not on ironman and while im fairy good at the game I manage to clear out everything so far. Shot down everything and cleared all terror missions. (including the first one, cuz it was on easy I guess).

Now my problem is that I only encountered practicly 2 bases so far. Once it just sort of happened and the game warned me where it is. The second one was soooo much later after I finally decided not to shoot down a constructing mothership and it made one. Great.
Now my question is that am I actually supposed to let all those in and let them construct in order to get the higher level alien bases and eventually the forstress which I belive holds the psionic super alien I need or it will happen after a while only much later on easy mode? Would it be actaully possible that on easy you dont get all the tech options and enemies ever?

And lastly the big robot dino, if i want to get its wreckage i guess do i have to finish the map while his down or I get it if i blow it up so it wont get up again? Same goes for that ghost dog thing since when it goes to the new body and being the last enemy on the map the map actually ends. Since I dont know the name of the enemy I cant tell if I destroy its wreckage so it wont even show up in the endscreen or I got it I just didnt know that was it cuz its not really named T-rex robo awesomeness.

Im on top of everything else I think, capturing aliens, downing new ships etc.

Also wanted to leave 2 notes for youre information.
1. The techtree is completly inaccessable for me. I tried google and read lots of forums yet all links either dead or outdated information on them. So slaping something togather or just a few hints how to get the latest version would be neat for all i guess.

2. I remember seeing Charon's stream on the game and was hoping to get some answares out from that but his Twitch channel is 100% empty. Aparently the broadcasts werent highlighted and get auto deleted after a 2 weeks or so. So in the future you may want to just highlight the entire broadcast and thats that.

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Love the weapon diversity of the pack, but i wonder if it's possible to manually remove some of the weapons, because now there is so much diversity that makes it a bit of a mess to chose from the list.

I'd like to stick to 2 max 3 variants of the same weapon type.


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I think you have to be logged in to an existing account here on this forum to actually be able to download it.

But, I´ve got all of them (except of the Psionic mod and the Grenade Launcher mod). And I think my mods aren´t the latest version.

Anyway, if anybody wants to download it look down bellow:



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