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  1. Did someone make a table with the info from all these new weapons?
  2. filippe999

    [X:CE 32/X 1.5] Deluxe Geoscape Cheat mod

    Could add research and production project to build all the alien things as soon as you get them first time? Similar to how you make alien alloys, but for all the other alien things
  3. Hello community! Recently I installed Xenophobia modpack, and was overwhelmed by the amount of aircraft and aircraft weapons, currently my "best" setup, that is the one with the higher autoresolve win chance, is just X-25 Boomerangs with 2 Laser Gatlings, depending on how many UFO and how big they are, I dispatch them in groups of 1, 2 or 3. As you might expect, boomerangs are very slow, so slow in fact that they can't reach enemy UFO's at all unless they happen to head in the direction the boomerangs are coming, and if that doesn't happen they just follow the UFO close behind in an endless chase, until the UFO gets back to space. The second best craft I tested were F12's equipped with 4 AIM-54 missiles, but after medium UFOs started to show up, they began to suffer a lot of damage if they didn't fail the intercept outright. So, does anyone know any good aircraft outfits for xenophobia?
  4. filippe999

    Mod Item Info Table

    Hello fellow xenonauts! Recently I installed xenophobia modpack, and after a few research projects completed i unlocked nearly 30 infantry weapons and 20 aircraft weapons. After I got the laser-era that number nearly doubled, with new aircraft as well, checking the xenopedia they would either give me very technical info about the items or just general descriptions or not at all, also no key support to navigate the wiki and my mouse-wheel broken just made it worse to navigate it. So is there some other way to find all the information of all the items, in a simple table form just a better wiki with everything unlocked mod(with support for hotkeys)?, without it I need to register every new weapon in an excel table and the hassle continues.