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  1. Well, I'm not able to play much, so I've decided to upload my personal mod which contains lots of Soviet weapons each with custom sounds and some NATO weapons. This MOD is for those who want a different playstyle early game and it can be used for roleplaying. The soviet weapons and ammo are bulkier and less accurate compared to NATO weapons but provide higher damage and offers armor penetration. Requires X.CE V0.35.0 or X-DIVISION 1.0.10. MOD Compatibility: Seems to be compatible with other mods but must be loaded after X-DIV but before XCE. WARNING: IF YOU DOWNLOADED THIS MOD BEFORE 6/30/2019 DO NOT UPGRADE UNLESS YOU STARTED A NEW GAME ALSO DELETE THE OLD MOD FOLDER Special thanks to Charon for helping me reduce file size. Update: 6/30/2019: Added new weapons for Germany and Israel HKG41, Galil, UZI, Glock 17, Desert Eagle, FABARM FP6 as requested Added new weapons for USA Beretta M9 THOMPSON, M21->Remington 700 as requested Updated some unit graphics as requested Rebalanced all weapon characteristics SMG and Carbine type weapons now have higher reaction modifier Soviet Weapons: High damage, high armor mitigation, low accuracy Rifles: AK47, AK74, SKS Carbines: AG-043 Shotguns: SAIGA Precision Rifles: KSVK, SVD, Mosin Nagant Pistols: Makarov, Nagant 1895 SMG: OTs-02 Kiparis, PPSH-41 Other: RPG-7 NATO Weapons: Low Damage, little armor mitigation, high accuracy Rifles: M16, M14, HK G41, Galil Machine Guns: M60 Carbines: M4, HK G41C, Galil Carbine Shotguns: Saiga, HK FABARM FP6 Precision Rifles: Barrett M82A1, Remington 700, PSG1, Galil Sniper Pistols: Colt 1911, S&W M15, Desert Eagle, Glock 17, Beretta M9 SMG: H&K MP5, FN P90, THOMPSON, UZI X.CE v0.35.0: Jaz0 - Weapons Pack - XCE.zip X-Division v1.00.10: Jaz0 - Weapons Pack - XDIV.zip Other Mods: All of these mods are compatible only with X-DIVISON VERSION 1.0.10 unless stated otherwise. Psionics for Xenonauts: Adds three tiers of Psi Amps mk1, mk2 and mk3 unlocked through research. Each tier boosts the abilities range, radius and damage but requires a corpse of a caesian psion corpse and the previous tier unlocked. The requirements can be edited in researches.xml. Abilities: mindblast - stuns a target deals extra damage to robots pyrokinesis - sets an area on fire illuminate - lights an area up (used to work but now it doesn't) kinetic blast - explodes an area (like a grenade on steroids) doubt - suppresses a target Known Issues: Make sure to reload the psi amp in the loadout screen with one of the abilities found under rockets. Jaz0 - Psionics - X.CE.zip CAS MOD:(Optional) You can call in air support using a radio found under the explosives category. Like I said it is very OP but somewhat balanced due to the inaccuracy and how much the radio weighs. May cause lag on older computers. Jaz0 - Close Air Support - XDIV.zip Atomic Weapons MOD:(Optional) Adds two atomic bombs to the game. Has custom audio and has research/manufacturing requirements. Both of which can be viewed in research.xml and manufactures.xml. Also there is "radiation" in the blast zone using the toxic gas effect. Jaz0 - Atomic Weapons - XDIV.zip Tranquilizer Guns MOD:(Optional) Adds 6 tranquilizer guns 3 rifle tiers and 3 pistol tiers for capturing those pesky aliens. Includes custom sounds, custom projectiles and all the good stuff. Jaz0 - Tranq Guns - XDIV.zip Grenade Launchers MOD:(Optional) Adds 4 grenade launchers (m79, hk 69a1, china lake and milkgor mgl) ballistic tier, laser tier, plasma tier and mag tier. They are unlocked once you research the appropriate weapon tier. All have custom sounds and use 40mm variants of the different grenade tiers. Known Issues: Make sure to reload the grenade launcher in the loadout screen with one of the 40mm types found under rockets. Jaz0 - Grenade Launchers - XDIV.zip
  2. Updated the weapons pack mod to it's final version and I'm no longer taking requests. I just don't have the time sorry.
  3. --bump-- Forgot I had a nuke mod which people who still play might find fun
  4. My final personal mod is posted, psionics for xenonauts. I think that's about all my personal mods other players would be interested in.
  5. Changed main post, final update. Unless there's something game breaking.
  6. I did not realize that I could only include the specter files. I merged my NATO and Soviet mods together now that the file size is so small. I'm not sure whats wrong with the strings though as they appear fine on my PC. Thanks for your assistance.