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  1. I don't have Firebirds yet, and yes one shuttle is ok, but 2 shuttles plus a terror ship launching shit at you at the same time is not hehe. I may give it a try later on easy mode yes. But the difficulty spike is really not well balanced. The previous wave I downed every single craft, but this wave was just insane : 1 cruiser + 2 heavy fighter, 2 terror ships escorted both with 2 shuttles, one raiding my main base. And one last Medium Bomber ship escorted by 2 heavy fighters... I have 4 bases: 2 fighters + 2 foxtrots in USSR, 2 Asierus, 2 fighters and 3 foxtrots in Africa, 2 fighters 2 Asierus 2 foxtrot and 3 F-17 in Indonesia and my last base in North America has the same as Indonesia. And yes I tried to reload multiple times, and launching everything is not enough. On top of that, ground mission are even more unbalanced, to compensate ennemy IA, the game cheat and know your location, more than often I just receive a perfect grenade on my men as the alien had no way to know my location, and don't talk about sound, we don't have sound indication in this game, why AI would know our exact location just with the sound of our shoes. Or at least develop a research to build silent boots... Hope X 2 will be balanced
  2. My game is done anyway, I can't do shit against those phase 2 aircrafts, light shuttle just one shot my Asierus and Fighters, not even talking about Heavy Fighters. Air combat is just too hard for me at that point and 2 terror ships are just raiding one of my base and a town... Game over hehe, but that was fun
  3. just met some heavy fighters and yes I retrofitted for mauser canon on all my crafts lol
  4. I Don't think so, a single tile is around 6 feet large so I guess this wouldn't be realistic to grab Something 1 tile away (3m+). For the post before, your first dogfighter is the Asierus, and I use dual fighter beam on it, and can 1 vs 1 light and normal UFO scouts. I never use the Mauser canon as the range is too low, I recommend to keep your autocanon untill you have unlocked the Gatling laser. With a F-17 and autocanon you can 1 vs 1 a UFO fighter during your first head to head, if you can't kill him the first head to head, then your F-17 is lost. With dual Asierus fighter beam you can easily kill a corvette or a bomber corvette without a single point of damage. Talking about phase 1. Playing NG+1. I didn't get your question 2 as well sorry. And for the last question, I would recommend to change the number od days required to craft each item you want in "manufactures.xml". For exemple a weapon needs 5 days for a single man to craft. 10 engineers need 12H, so do the math and you will notice that your engineer are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a Week…. poor men… An other way to read that : an engineer is producing 24H of work every day. And this number is not variable according my knowledge. So change the build time of every items is the way to go (long way). As a side note, I have my own question about that. I changed the price of items, it worked except for the mk3 laser weapons… they are still at 15.000 dollars… if someone have an idea, thanks ! is there another entry for the mk3 weapons I need to change?
  5. Cool thank you very much Ruthless Reuban for the help on game speed and dropships, very nice !!
  6. Hello, I have played around 50 hours now, I initialy ran 2 or 3 campaigns to familiarize with the game, difficulty NG +0. Each time I stopped after 2 or 3 weeks. Now I am playing a Campaign NG +1 and reached the first Week of October. What a surprise when the first Terror attack happened the 2nd of October. I will come back to it later, here is a quick personnal review. 1 -- Theme Campaign -- I am really not sure if Something like that is even incorporated but theme Campaign came to my mind when my second Campaign had almost Psion Caesans on every missions (the purple ones). On my current Campaign as I said I reached the first Week of October, and still never met a single Psionic user, Strange. Again, I am not sure if it's related but on all campaigns except the current one I had unlocked the Asierus aircraft almost the same time the Foxtrot (very early yes). On my current Campaign, still no Asierus the first Week of October... 2 -- Game mechanics -- End of september I already researched the laser weapons, and I had enough alien alloys to build 2 sniper rifles, 2 pistols, a minigun and a rifle. I had as well a Defender tank with Pulse canon fitted. Hopefully I would say, because the first Terror ship appeared 1 or 2 days later, the 2nd of October… I really didn't expect that so early ! of course without Asierus, only some F-17s and 2 Foxtrot, no way to take him down. He finally land in Vancouver. I launch a Chinook from North Africa base, where my best men and laser weapons are. The chopper finally land in Vancouver... Do you know that around 09:00 in the Morning in Vancouver … it's actually the night ?? Very very nice… my first terror mission, and at night… anyway the first part of the mission is really good, stress and everything as the dogs attack, and Andons with drones behind. I saved only 4 civilians but got only a single man injured. God bless my laser snipers and minigun… Now the second part of the mission, where the hunter becomes the pray… took my like one hour real time to cautionly advance during "night" and find the remaining alien forces. And what forces, this Hub thingy they called it, with his own bloody minigun almost killed another soldier. How the hell my men are unable to throw a grenade above a car I will never understand, but now that I watched the video on the previous post I should make some tests. Yes I want to throw that grenade right on the guy that is stalking behind the car but no, the car block 90% of the line of sight… of course !!! Watching those robot dogs running throught my men without a single one reacting just pissed me off. Description I got later from research dept says those dogs are running as fast as a trained man… It's even more pissing me off when they just kill a civilian next to you, then cross the street, kill another one, then run away… without a single move from my 3 mens (around 80 reflex)… As a side note, I play on Ironman yes, but I changed the vision cone of my units to be more realistic, from 90 to 120 degrees. I changed as well the one from the vehicles. I couldn't find the Defender tank in the armor file… that's a little annoying, so if someone knows where to change it, I would appreciate. 3 -- Game speed -- I never use more than x2 speed, and it is sometimes even too fast, I would really love Something between x1 and x2. For a precise intercept I launch my aircrafts in manual mode on an intercept vector, as the base game use a dog curve wich is all but efficient. If there is a setting I could change I would appreciate as well. thanks Very very good Mod, I hope that Xenonauts 2 will be at least as good. A wish list would be prone position, stealth, and experience stats for the tank pilots as well.
  7. I would be interested too. As you can see there is still lots of people playing this game yes and thank you for your mods. If 1.00.11 compatible I will definatly use them
  8. There is no french version of Xenonauts, only english. I reinstalled the whole game and I have the error message even when I first launch the game without the X-Division mod, so nothinng related to X-Division hopefully, thanks for your help Lo Regards
  9. I switched my Windows to english but it didn't solve the problem, so maybe a bug related to Steam, as Steam was still in french anyway Thanks for the help EDIT : I changed the Steam to english and still have the same error message at start, I will continue to play as it seems there is no issue ingame. If someone knows where it come from I would really appreciate
  10. Ok thanks I will check that, for now I never had any issue ingame, I will switch to english to check that out.
  11. Good afternoon, I have installed the X-Division Mod after a fresh install, and of course I followed all the steps. I am actually playing the game with no bugs or errors so far, but as I have an error message each time I launch the game, I am a bit worried. If you could just help me, I show you the message :